Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The nights are long...

And the days are long too! Now that our little guy spends many more hours up and alert, I have to find things to entertain us both. And babies have a short attention span.

Today we went to the National Aboretum with Katya and her six-week-old daugher, Kyra (she was a cutie). We met Katya and her husband Mike in our childbirth education class. I really enjoy spending time with other new parents. It makes me feel normal!

I wish I could say I took some photos (the herb and Bonsai gardens were beautiful!) but of course I forgot. And, until Nelson locates our camera cord, I can't upload any photos anyways. But, since I know the adoring world is just dying to see a photo of my beautiful boy, I've attached one of him from about a month ago, when he was first flexing his smile.

Speaking of nights, I don't want to jinx anything, but Oscar has slept through the night FOUR nights in a row now! Unfortunately, I'm not sleeping so soundly. I'm continuing to wake up every few hours to make sure he's okay. Silly Mommy!


Regis said...

Hi Oscar,

You just proved yourself a really fast learner for the tenth time! It took you only two months to get on the internet and the blogsphere. I hope you enjoy the ride. As for Ana and I, we will be following your adventures here.

Regis and Ana

Stephanie said...

I have to giggle at myself as I reminisce about those early days of Trinity's infancy when I too was waking up constantly to check if she was breathing.