Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Life in da crib: night two

We did a little better last night. Oscar made it 7 hours in his crib (8pm - 3am), but woke in a panic once again. Nelson brought him to bed, Oscar nursed and stayed in bed with me until he woke again around 7:30. Nelson has a theory that Oscar was waking in the night when we were co-sleeping, but because Oscar knew I was right next to him, he felt comforted and when right back to sleep. I did a little research on this theory and (of course) Nelson was right! Babies have an amazing sense of smell, so when they startle awake in the night (which they often do) the scent of Mom is so comforting to them that they just go back to sleep. The article suggested leaving a mom scented object in the crib with baby so if they wake, they will still feel that sense of comfort. Isn't that too sweet?

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