Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So, last week my dentist attempted a root canal, and after an hour of drilling decided I needed to see a specialist. Today, I visited the endodontist (root canal specialist!), and after one and a half hours of drilling, he was unable to find the canal and I have to go back in two weeks so he can try again. I am not a person with dental anxiety, but wow did I almost have a break down today. He used THREE different drills, and each one sounded creepier than the last. And the smell of burning tooth as he drilled was really awful. He drilled for so long I'm surprised I have any tooth left. I'm so sore!

Nelson had Oscar all afternoon, and it was a marathon for him. The little guy decided he was not going to nap all day, so he was awake and fussy for daddy. But the did enjoy a nice loooooooong walk to Lake Artemesia and back. Little O-man just went down at around 4:30, and mommy is soon to follow.

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