Monday, November 12, 2007

Kate is great!

My very good friend Kate stopped by with an unexpected, but welcome gift for little Oscar. Kate is an elementary school librarian in DC and last week was the Book Fair. Kate picked out several great books for Oscar about friendship, sharing, numbers, and family. Unfortunately, Oscar was Mr. Crankypants while she was visiting, but we are both very thankful for Kate's thoughtfulness and generosity. Who better to pick out books for your kid then and librarian? We have story time every day, and are also working books into our bedtime routine so the new books will be a welcome addition.

Solids are still going well. Today we tried cereal with breast milk and fruit and he liked it! He had peaches and cereal for breakfast and prunes and cereal for dinner. The only down side (for me) is that now I have to pump at least once a day so I have milk to reconstitute his cereal. But he's such a good little eater, I can hardly complain. He's put on a whole pound and a half in the past month, and I think he's grown an inch!

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