Monday, December 31, 2007

28 Resolutions for 2008

Inspired by my beautiful friends Sweeney and Soltesz, here are 28 New Year's Resolutions for 2008 (in no particular order):

1. Nix the bad language, all of it

2. Post to Oscarelli at least three times a week

3. Make a plan for baby #2

4. Loose 30 lbs

5. Train for a triathlon (inspired by my friend and triathlete Lineman)

6. Volunteer at least once a month

7. Eat more veggies and less ice cream

8. Bake at least one homemade desert a week (this may look like a direct contradiction to numbers four and seven, but all things in moderation)

9. Make a meal plan for each week, and stick to it five days out of seven in an effort to waste less food

10. And on that note, waste less, consume less, and recycle/reuse more

11. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day

12. Cut Nelson a little more slack (but just a little)

13. Make time for a shower at least every other day

14. Make time for myself, period

15. Laugh with my husband every day

16. See at least one movie in a theater

17. Read at least twelve grown-up books this year

18. Play fetch with Valentine at least once a week (we both need it)

19. Get my hair cut on a regular basis (oh, Suzanne how I miss you!)

20. Call my Mom once a week

21. Call my Dad once a week

22. Have lunch with my sister once a month

23. Go to the library more often (I went zero times in 2007, and that makes me sad)

24. Put Oscar's bassinet in the attic, before we need it for baby no. 2

25. Purge my closets, dressers, and cabinets of unwanted/unneeded items and donate them

26. Buy a steamer and start steaming all our veggies

27. Get the bridge work done on tooth #7 that I've been putting off since October

28. Make the bed four days out of seven

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Stephanie said...

I was going through your very first blogs from last year just so I could see the difference in Oscar and came across your resolution list. How have you been doing with this? I see that you've crossed off number 3. I've started taking Trinity to the public library at least once a month to check out at least 4 books. It feels great.