Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Seven minute shower

I can take a shower in seven minutes flat. Eleven if I need to shave my legs. In and out, that's always been my motto. My life has always been much too busy to waste my time away in a luxuriously long shower. Since becoming a mom, this has never been more true, and my quick showering skills often come in handy. Sometimes seven minutes is all you can get at the tail end of the morning nap, after you've cleaned up from baby breakfast, scarfed down a bowl of cereal, chopped some veggies for dinner, and thrown in a load of laundry (and that's another thing - how does one little baby make so many dirty clothes?). All of this before 10am. I actually heard the other day that 74% of moms do not get to shower daily. I'm one of these moms, so even a seven minute shower is a luxury. My friend Erin told me that your hair gets used to not being washed every day, and it's true, it does.

I was always proud of my speedy showering, but, I gotta tell ya, I just took the longest shower of my life (30 minutes!!!) and it was the most relaxing, soothing, euphoric experience I've had in MONTHS. Even if I had to wait until 10pm when everyone else was fast asleep. Totally worth a late night.

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Susanica said... realize you just called 10 pm a "late night" right? Danny is going through the same teething/sleeping stuff. But there is a tooth now. You can hear it better than see it (our pediatrician knocked a tounge depressor on it so we could hear, but Danny won't let us see it.) That squirmy worm! Glad you had a nice relaxing evening! -M