Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Busting loose!

And no, surprisingly I'm not talking about baby poop. I'm talking about baby teeth. That's right, teeth, the plural of tooth. Oscar woke from his afternoon nap at 3:45 yesterday and proceeded to stay up until after midnight. Then, he woke about every 1.5 hours for a nurse - sometimes less (once he only let me get 20 minutes in before he began howling.)

Sometime around 10:30pm, I looked down at my baby boy, who'd been nursing (or attempting to rip my nipple off) for the past 3.5 hours and said "If you have a tooth in there, I won't hold this against you." I stuck my finger in his mouth and felt not one but TWO little razors poking through his poor gums. As of this morning, there's no white showing, but there are two red crescent shaped marks on his lower gums - and they are SHARP. We're referring to them as his egg teeth ;)

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Susanica said...

You go Oscar!!! (But let your mom and dad get some sleep okay? ;-)