Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nelson redeemed!

Several months ago, I wrote a post about how Nelson had misplaced a USB cable rendering me unable to upload any photos from the internal memory of our camera. I harangued him endlessly about finding this cable for weeks to no avail. He claimed to have looked everywhere and found the USB cable nowhere.

Yesterday evening, I decided to pump some breast milk for Oscar because I was going out to wine club and leaving my perfect son home with Daddy for and extended period FOR THE FIRST TIME (more on this later). When I opened the pump (which had not been used in probably four or five months) what did I find but the camera USB cable! As best we can determine, our cleaning ladies, in their endless quest to not only clean but de-clutter our home, put the cable in one of the pump's storage pockets along with the pump plug and tubes. Neither of us ever thought in a million years to check the breast pump for the missing USB cable.

So, Nelson has been redeemed! He DID NOT misplace the camera USB cable. He's been cleared of all charges. Above is one of the photos that's been sitting on our camera for about five months - Oscar's first trip to UMCP (he and Daddy in front of the Engineering Building.)

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