Wednesday, January 9, 2008

P.S. You Stink!

Today, I went out and saw my very first post-pregnancy movie. In a theater! Royale 14 Cinemas, conveniently located about two miles from my home, has just started a Mommy Club every Wednesday, noonish. Oscar, beautiful, perfect Oscar, nursed for about 10 minutes and slept for the rest, waking just in time for the credits. Good baby!

Today's feature was Jennifer Garner's new film, P.S. I Love You. This is absolutely not a movie I would ever see in the theater, but I would probably rent it, owing to the cuteness of Jennifer Garner and the hotness of her Irish love interests. And, despite the title of my blog, it was a totally cute movie and I really liked it (Kathy Bates was awesome, JG was cute, Irish guys were not only hot, but sang and played instruments.) But, I had already formulated the snarky blog title before seeing the movie, and who wants to waste a snarky blog title?

P.S. Next weeks' flim is Juno (also staring Jennifer Garner), which I'm actually into, so I can wait!


Anonymous said...

OK, so you do know it was Hilary Swank, not Jennifer Garner in that mmovvie, right?

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Garner was not in PS I Love You BTW

Jenni said...

P.S. I don't even know my 30something actresses!

I was thinking her stomach looked way to awesome for a woman who'd had a baby...

Susanica said...

Too funny Jenni. What a great idea! And it's so close to your house. I heard Juno is a really cool movie--you'll have to tell me and Susanne all about it next week.

And look at all the comments you're getting now! What a great new year's resolution to post more regularly. Of course it's pretty funny that the posts have been to tell you that you were mistaken. Gosh, what should I blog about today? I'm sure I could come up with lots of things that would be undoubtably mistakes!

Have a great day with all your boys Jenni! -M