Friday, January 25, 2008

To blog, or not to blog

So, I've been avoiding blogging because the largest issue in my life right now is sleep training Oscar, and I've talked enough about sleep on this blog and sleep training is really hard and leaves me feeling really conflicted. But, given these options, I feel I've made the right decision:

Option 1 (no training, last month and a half): Oscar in bed by 7pm - wakes 8+ times a night - comes in the bed at 10:30 (at third or fourth waking) - nurses every 1.5 hours until daybreak - at daybreak, starts poking, pinching, shrieking at Mommy - naps 2x a day for 15-30 minutes.

Option 2 (training, last two days): Oscar in bed by 7pm - first waking, Oscar cries (HARD) 15-25 minutes - sleeps until 11:30, nurses and back in crib by midnight - wakes at 6am, nurses stays in bed w/Mommy - starts the day at 7am.

So, we're going with Option 2, which is really hard and really shitty in the moment, but really awesome the next day when both O and I are well rested and much less cranky. As if a kid with a smile like this could ever be cranky (yes, this is a gratuitous baby-in-the-bath shot.)


Susanica said...

Hey Jenni. We sure hope option 2 works for little Oscar. And I hope Oscar likes his bath. Danny is just like his mama--hates, hates, hates taking a bath. Not during it, but after getting out. But if we didn't wash him periodically they you'd have one stinky little boy coming over to your house a couple days a week ;-) Hope you have a really great weekend! -Monica

Mom101 said...

Oh mama, I so feel you. I stuck with the option 2 with Thalia and it changed my life (in a good way.) We're getting to that point with the baby now, who's up every 2 hours still and I'm going out of my head. Good luck in whatever gets you both a good night's sleep.

(And thanks muchly for the link.)

Kelly & Mikki & Our Little Honey said...

Keep at it. After just a week and a half of the full-on cry-it-out option, our Bailey slept 12 full hours and now does so every night. She's formula fed, so I know it is different...but this can work. It's so hard...but in the end, a rested team is much better than an exhausted one! Good luck!