Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hot diggity dog!

I never really talk about my pets on this blog, which is kind of interested because if I started this blog two years ago, all I would have talked about is my pets. So by way of introduction:

Meet Sophie (a.k.a. Beak, Beaks, Clarence, Clarence Beaks, Needle Beak.) This is actually my brother's dog. She's a min pin and the lowest dog on the totem pole around here, so I decided to do her the honor of being the first dog listed. Beak has many unredeeming qualities, including pottying on the floor and barking at nothing. She also pretends her foot is injured when she really wants a treat and loves cheese crackers and her dad, but no one else. Unless he's not around, then she loves her Aunt Jenni and Uncle Nelson (but don't tell her dad.)

This handsome guy is Nebo, our beta male. He is just above Beak in the pack order. He is a Shepherd mix we adopted two and a half years ago. Valentine chose him from about five dogs at the shelter - she went bananas for him. Nelson did not want him because he was a barker in his kennel, but when we read his story about how he'd been rescued from a shelter where most of the animals had perished in a hurricane, and that he'd never had a real home, we had to take him. He's very nervous and has only ever let seven people pet him, but when you are in with Nebo he's the sweetest, most gentle, loving dog you could want. He's a bit overweight and pretty lazy, but we like him that way. He often smells of grape jelly or breakfast sausages. I have no idea why.

This pretty lady is Valentine (a.k.a. the Momma, the Horse) and she is top dog around here. We got her just a few months before Nebo. Nelson didn't want her either because she was a spazoid in the kennel, but she reminded me of a dog I had when I was a kid so I just had to meet her. And when I did, she leaned up against me because she knew I was supposed to be her mom and that was that. Valentine is a clown - she is silly and goofy and always trying to get the other dogs riled up. She would be outside 100 percent of the time if we allowed it. She's not the brightest bulb, but she's the one who'd take a bullet for us, no question. She's also our most outgoing dog, so if you are a guest in our house you can expect to find the Momma's head on your lap. As top dog, she "leads the charge" when there is someone at the door, always gets to go outside or upstairs first (before Beak and Nebo), and gets the first treat. She has been know to shred pillows, books, and magazines when left to her own devices.

Last, but far from least, is our shitty kitty, Audrey. She's queen of the castle and makes sure everyone knows it. Valentine may be top dog, but Audrey really runs the show around here. She chases Nebo and Beak, alternately beats up on and loves on Valentine and Nebo (and me), walks on the table, has ruined our wicker chairs and loses almost as much fur as the three dogs combined. We rescued Audrey from Nelson's parents farm maybe five years ago. She came and lived with us (illegally) in our 400 square foot apartment. Luckily, Audrey is a small fry, weighing in at about seven pounds, so the apartment was perfect for her. She only really likes Nelson and our guests, but that's okay by me because Valentine and Nebo worship the ground I walk on. It's a lot of pressure to be worshipped by dogs so having the cat adore me too would just be too much.


Susanica said...

Wow. Now I'm even more impressed that Nebo let Susanne pet him! Have fun at the rally. Hope you get some photos. We had Danny yelling "mama, mama, mama" this morning. We thought it sounded close enough to "bama, bama, bama!" -Monica

Anonymous said...

there all so very cute.. :)