Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I interrupt this regularly scheduled post...

**Please excuse the typos - the spell check function on blogger is not working for me right now!

I have literally four posts brewing right now, in various stages of editing. I couldn't decide which one to finish and post today. And then, I got a great phone call. A beautiful phone call. A phone call that brought tears to my eyes.

It was from my former boss, a woman I admire and respect, and am really proud to have worked with for three and a half years. I was formerly a fundraiser at a non profit. My last job was at a start up organization, so all the fundraising was from scratch. Fundraising is a hard and thankless job, and even more so when you are starting from nothing. Granted, we had a nice chunk of institutional support, but our challenge was diversifying our funding base (this is the fundraising challenge for most non profits.) We had to find prospects, build relationships with individuals and foundations, go on countless meetings to convince the powers that be that our work matters, and bust our butts for some measly grants just to break through. Because, someone has to give first - someone has to be that first foundation or individual that makes giving to your organization the cool, hip, forward thinking thing to do.

And you do all this exhausting work, squeeze out lots of little victories and little dollars all in the name of trying to get that big victory, those big dollars. And, for the organization I left eight months ago who's fundraising program I helped to build, that victory came today to the tune of a $250K grant from a very prominent, very hard to court foundation. That one grant is larger than all the grants we got last year put together. A stunning victory.

My former boss called to thank me for all the work I had done, for those first grants I helped bring in the door that paved the way for the big one. I feel really touched that she called and I feel really proud of the work I did. They deserve this grant - they will do good things with it that will make this country a better place and I'm glad to share their victory today.

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Susanica said...

Hey Jenni! It sounds like your former boss is a class act and I'm glad that she acknowledged your contribution to current successes. Very very cool!

On another note, I really think you have to post that awesome photo of Oscar in front of his dad where it looks like he's got Nelson's hair. Su and I thought that was hysterical! Have a fun day with all little men today. -Monica P.S. Brunch again one day soon?