Friday, February 22, 2008

Sleeping fitfully

A few weeks ago, I posted about sleep training my son Oscar. It had been going pretty well. He was falling asleep around 7pm, waking around 11pm for a feeding, and waking again around 4:30 for a feeding, and up for the day around 7am. Sometimes he'd only wake for a nurse once, which was fantastic, but either way it was better than waking seven or eight times a night.

Then, he got sick. My poor little bunny got a nasty, nasty cold that had him so congested he'd wake in the night unable to breath through his nose. Since he is a thumb sucker, he needs to breathe through his nose to get himself to sleep and when he's nursing, so obviously this was problematic. And it freaked me out.

The kid was understandable miserable and exhausted and frustrated, and so was mom. I was clearing his nose with a bulb (which he loved) and nursing him, and putting him back down. But I'd worry about the breathing and be unable to sleep. So, I decided that because he was sick, he could sleep with us. And I'm glad I made that decision - I was able to keep a better eye on him, I could clear his nose right in the bed and nurse him right away, and because he was sick he need to nurse more often (fluids.)

Although his nose is still quite runny, Oscar is on the mend. So it is back to the crib for him and Oscar doth protest. So this week we've been back to training. I feel so bad because he just wants to sleep next to me, and that is really sweet. He cuddles in so close and always wakes me with a smile and it absolutely melts my heart. Alas, I do not sleep well with him in the bed. And, frankly, I don't think my marriage can take many more night with a human divider in our bed. So, back to the crib he goes. Sweet dreams, little one!

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Susanica said...

Okay, that Oscar is SO ADORABLE. The last few photos you've posted have been really great.

Poor Oscar. I hope he transitions back pretty smoothly to being back in the crib. But I know what you mean about how beautiful it is to have an adoring little boy smile at your while snuggled together in bed. Those are the times when I feel most grateful to God for everything.

Have a great weekend Jenni. -M