Monday, February 11, 2008

Slightly less Super Tuesday

The Potomac Primary is tomorrow - D.C., Virgina, and Maryland will be voting for their Democratic or Republican presidential nominee, and I can't wait. I thought our primary would be kind of lack luster after Super Tuesday, but Super Tuesday didn't decide anything for the dems, so I feel like my vote counts just a little more.

So far, my family has received two GOTV (get out the vote) calls - one from Clinton and one from Obama. To Hillary's credit, her call came in first on Saturday. But, unfortunately, I have no idea what was being said because the pre-recorded call was entirely in Spanish. In all fairness Spanish was a good guess on her campaign's part because the area that I live in has the highest number of Spanish-speakers per capita in our whole state. Alas, we are not among them but good for her for trying to GOTV in my majority minority community.

Yesterday, we got a call from the Obama campaign. Actually, my brother got a call from the Obama campaign, but I fielded the call. It was a live person calling from the Obama headquarters in my state. The woman calling was really nice and I could hear the bustle of other GOTV callers in the background. She called to remind my brother to vote in Tuesday's primary. She then asked (very politely) who we would be voting for and I told her all three voting adults in my home would be casting ballots for Obama. She was thrilled of course, and told me Senator Obama would be speaking at an even near my home on Monday (which I already knew) and offered to personally drop off some yard signs on her way home.

I've made my share of GOTV calls so I can tell you this was a great one, on both ends. She was polite and enthusiastic and I was responsive and glad to receive her call. I'm kind of sad she didn't call for me, but my guess is they were trying to get out the youth vote (my brother is 25) and I don't count in that demographic.

Weather permitting, I'm taking the boys (Oscar, Danny, and my brother) to their first political rally today to hear Obama stump for a spot on the Democratic ticket and I can't wait to feel the electricity first hand. And I'm not above exploiting the extreme cuteness of Oscar and Danny to get a better seat and maybe even meet the rock star Senator myself.

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