Saturday, March 1, 2008

And on another note

Is anyone else here beyond excited for Tuesday, March 4? I haven't anticipated an even like this since Oscar's birth. Could we finally have our presidential candidate? Have you looked at the polls recently? You should! Obama has eradicated Clinton's staggering double digit leads in Texas and Ohio of just three weeks ago down to one and two point leads, and some polls even have him leading her. This is just so freaking exciting. I'm half out of my seat all the time. Is this how sports fans feel when their team is in the play offs?

I'm excited because I think we actually have the opportunity to change politics and change our country and the way we're seen in the world. I'm excited because it has been a long, cold seven years for liberals over in exile and I can't wait to come home. I'm excited because cowboy hats will get the crap out of DC and go back to the ranch where they belong. I'm excited because for the first time since my kid was born, I'm obsessed with something other than Oscar's bowel movements and developmental milestones.

I just want Obama to win the nomination, and the presidency so bad, I'm almost afraid to admit it because if he loses I will be crushed. I'm so tired of my father and my father-in-law and so many other people saying Obama won't win because America is not ready for a black president. I'm calling bull shit on that. If not now, when? He inspires people. He's honest. He's charismatic. He's smart. He's offering this country a new direction and new solutions. It's time.

Yes, we can!

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