Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dancing machine, watch him get down, watch him get down!

As a parent, I mostly steer clear of electronic toys. I don't believe babies, or kids for that matter, need bells and whistles and flashing lights to have fun. I want him to use his imagination and be creative, and I don't think fancy toys encourage that kind of behavior. And, it turns out I'm right.

Anyway, one area where I've totally caved on this is musical toys. Sure, I have toys that my son can use to make his own music, but I also have plenty of toys that produce music when he hits a button or something. I think music is a really important part of a child's development, so I don't feel so bad about this concession.

We bought him this duck. Okay, now before I continue, let me just say that whatever you do, DO NOT BUY THIS DUCK for your child. It is the worst toy we've ever purchased for Oscar. It is horribly annoying and we (the parents) hate it. I hate it so much I hid it. But, my cleaning ladies found it and back into the toy bin it went. It has musical instruments on each limb that you press to hear the instrument's individual part in the main song. The main song is activated by MOTION SENSOR on the duck's abdomen. That is to say it goes off almost constantly when in the hands of a nine-month-old, and keeps restarting from the middle of the song and never stops.

That said, Oscar loves it. And, yesterday, he was playing with it and he started dancing! Not break dancing or anything - baby dancing; bouncing up and down, waving his arms grinning from ear to ear. It was so cute I almost cried. Now, he's dancing to any song he hears. He's got rhythm! It is so stinkin' cute it almost redeemed the duck. Almost.

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Susanica said...

SOOOOOOOOO very adorable!!!! That Oscar has charisma! And he's also very photogenic. Keep the pics coming! -M