Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WaaaaaAAAHaaaaAAAAHaaaaa! AH!

So, I'm pretty sure Oscar is teething.

Is it the constant drool that's causing chafing on his chin that makes me so certain? No.

Could it be the marathon late-night nurse fests? Nope.

How about the two HUGE tooth buds on his top gums that are so close to the surface you can see the gleam of enamel? No sir-ee Bob.

It would have to be the nearly constant state of whining the kid has been in for the last three days, the likes of which I haven't seen since a month before he cut his bottom two teeth. Thank God he's sleeping right now.

That's right, a MONTH of whining. He whines when he's sitting; he whines when he's standing; he whines when he's on is back; he whines when he's on his tummy; he whines in his Jumparoo; he whine's while I'm holding him; he whines while he's playing. Constant. Whining.

So with any luck, we'll see those upper pearly whites by mid April. I hope my ears don't start bleeding before then.

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