Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a weekend

This weekend, Nelson, Oscar, and I went up to the mountains to celebrate my birthday, and it was magnificent, if not a little cold. We stayed in a riverside cottage at our favorite B&B, ate great food, and enjoyed the outdoors (a little - it was a bit cold for the Bean.)

We at dinner out our first evening there, and Oscar made sure everyone knew he was there. The restaurant was a huge barn-style building with cathedral ceilings, so the acoustics were great. So great, Oscar decided to try them out by shrieking in anger at the top of his lungs. Repeatedly. Wow, was it embarrassing and hilarious.

The next afternoon, we had lunch at a Pizzaria Uno. Oscar was a model baby. He was sitting in his high chair next to his Dad. Dad got distracted by a television in the bar he could just see from our table. Quick as a flash, Oscar reaches over and grabs Nelson's (thankfully empty) plate and pulls it toward him, knocking over a full glass of soda and ice in the process. And he could not have been happier or more proud of himself.

It was a great weekend, including Oscar's antics, which made both Nelson and I feel very parental.
Above, Oscar and I, mugging outside of our B&B.

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