Friday, March 21, 2008

Where have all the babies gone?

Technically, nowhere. But things at casa de P-G have gone from laid back and relaxed to hippity hopping and hairy in about the space of one week. Oscar is so mobile these days that I can't look away (to say, change Danny's diaper or give him a bottle) for a second and he's off trying to find something to get into - a cord to chew on, a gaming system to pull off the entertainment center, a metal Thermos to pull onto his little head, a shoe in the mouth, my toe in his mouth - I could go on.


Last week, while I was giving Danny a bottle, Oscar was creeping around on the floor at my feet. He began to reach beneath me, under the couch - not surprising given he and Danny make it their j0b t0 toss toy under the couch so they (I) can retrieve them. Then, I see the pincer grasp come out. Then I see the fingers go in his mouth. As fast as was safely possible, I put Danny on the floor, bottle in hand, and I grab Oscar and begin prying his mouth open. He's got that sucker clamped shut tighter than a bear trap. Fortunate, my will to keep my son from choking on a non food object (NFO to parents and pet owners) was stronger than his jaws and I got my finger in there and swept. It was a piece of bread from my lunch sandwich that must have fallen off my shirt. It had peanut butter on it. And he loved it.

And Danny, sweet, little Danny is so strong that I think he's going to pull the couch over onto himself in his eagerness to stand. He actually dragged the Jumparoo about four inches across the floor yesterday. Don't worry - this is not something he could pull onto himself. His strength is amazing!

To quote Danny's Mommy, I think my job just got a whole lot harder! It's also gotten a whole lot more fun, so that pretty much evens it all out.

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Susanica said...

Oh those adventuresome boys eh? Glad it was just a mouthful of sandwich that Oscar found and also that peanut butter is his friend :-)

We hope that you and all the residents of Casa de Pompi have a wonderful Easter Jenni! -Monica, Susanne, Danny, Harley and CJ