Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad Mommy moment

Well, it finally happened. We knew it was inevitable. Oscar fell off the bed. Or, crawled off the bed, rather. And it was all my fault.

He's been going down for his morning nap early the past few days, so I decided to continue the trend, even on Danny days. This means Oscar was napping before Danny even arrived. Oscar seems to nap better when he doesn't know Danny's here - I guess he doesn't think he's missing anything.

This is great because the Bean will normally nap for 1.5 - 2 hours in the morning now. This is not so great because the boys morning nap is out of sync and it makes it a little more difficult to entertain Oscar when he wakes up because we can't go down to the play area (where Danny also sleeps.)

Usually, Oscar and I will hang out in the grown up bed and read books and play with toys. It's usually only 30-40 minutes until Danny wakes, so there is enough to keep him occupied for that long. Except yesterday, I seem to have closed my eyes for just a second while lying on the bed with Oscar. He was right next to me, playing. And the next thing I hear was a loud "THUMP" and my son, screaming in pain.

I was disoriented at first, but quickly realized what had happened and rushed over to the other side of the bed. There was Oscar, lying on his stomach with his head buried in his arms, sobbing. I picked him up and began looking for injuries. His whole face was red from crying, so I couldn't tell where he'd bumped. He seemed okay otherwise. I held him close and rocked him for a few moments and he's crying decreased.

Then, Danny woke up. Oscar herd him crowing downstairs and began crowing back. I brought him down and the babies were thrilled to see each other, as they always are, and commenced some serious playing. Oscar ended up with a red spot on his right temple and a swollen right eye.

Today, the mark is more of a bruise, the eye is still slightly swollen, and I still feel like the worst, most negligent mom ever.

Oscar, on the other hand is happily throwing around cups at my feet. He's forgotten all about it.

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Susanica said...

Aww...that must have been terrifying. I've definitely been playing with Danny in the same way on the bed and drifted off. It's scary how quick they can both move now. I'm glad that Oscar recovered from his fall and is no worse for the wear. Too bad you can't put Danny's pack and play elsewhere upstairs where you can close a door (with monitor of course.) I don't think he much cares once he's ready to snooze. Oh, and you are so not a bad mom. You're an AWESOME mom.

Thanks again for that bully post. It's giving me lots to think about. -Monica