Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oscar gets dirty

The bean had to go to the doctor again today. His fever just wouldn't quit and he has been sleeping absolutely awful, and eating next to nothing. Turns out the ear infection was caused by a sinus infection, poor guy. He's now on some antibiotics that will hopefully clear it all up in a week and a half. Dr. Jones made promises that he'd be feeling better by Sunday. We can only hope.

However, Dr. Jones also said that his sinus infection was no reason to keep him in doors, so I took him outside to play in the yard for the first time. And he LOVED it. He spent the entire time chasing Valentine and laughing hysterically at her, plucking grass with his finger and toes, and trying to eat grass (we came in after he'd put the third handful in his mouth. Here's a little montage of his adventure. Oh, and how gorgeous is our grass? Kudos, Nelson.

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