Friday, April 4, 2008

Well sur-prise, sur-prise!

I came home from a play date this afternoon to find a DHL package on my porch. I assumed it was a gift from my Dad, since my birthday is tomorrow and I'd already gotten a gift from my mom. I nurse Oscar, put him down, picked him up, changed his (very) poopy diaper, put him back down, did dishes, threw in some laundry, checked my email, and FINALLY sat down to open my gift.

To my delight it was a Cookie Bouquet, containing a dozen cookies. But it wasn't from my Dad. Below is a shot of two of the cookies from the package. Guess who sent it! You'll never guess!

Okay, here's a hint: Those cookies are in the shape of smiling teeth. Teeth! If you guessed my dentist sent me this cookie bouquet for my birthday, you're correct! They usually send a tooth themed "Happy Birthday" postcard (which they did again this year), but this is the first time I've gotten cookies, and tooth shaped ones at that! I've been seeing her for about seven years now, and totally love her. Her favorite color is purple, so her office space is purple, she gives our purple pens, her instruments are purple, the X-ray vest is purple, she sends cookie bouquets in a purple box with a purple ribbon; it's hilarious and I love it. And now I love her even more. Thanks, Dr. Dice-Shah!


Susanica said...

That's awesome Jenni. Were they real cookies with SUGAR? Or was there some sort of dentist approved other kind of sweetener. What an awesome dentist. Su gets a happy birthday postcard every year from our Subaru sales guy ;-)Your present is way better! -Monica

Stephanie said...

were they surgar free cookies?? Did she remind you to brush your teeth after eating? HAHA!! They are so cute. I love it when doctors are personable like that.

Jenni said...

No, they were the real deal and they were delicious! My dentist believes everything in moderation ;)