Saturday, May 31, 2008

All Hail the Goddess

Above is our fertility goddess, Kuato. My sister gave her to me for my birthday five or six years ago. It's gold and pink and about four inches long. When she gave it too us, we were far from planning our family so I just put it on a window sill and didn't think much about it.

When we moved to our house three years ago, Kuato came along with us. Nelson unpacked her and was highly amused by her alarming resemblance to Kuato (hence her name), a character from the movie Total Recall. This is Kuato as seen in the movie:

Needless to say, he though my Kuato was pretty ugly. He asked what we were going to do with it and I said I didn't' know. He thought it would be pretty funny to hang it in a central location in our home, so he hung her in the door way separating our living and dining areas. I thought it would be pretty funny to leave it up. I figured it would be a good conversation piece. Wouldn't you know, in three years not one person has EVER asked us about Kuato?

Flash forward one year. We deiced to try for a baby and BAM! are pregnant on our first go around. I have a healthy, happy pregnancy and deliver a healthy happy baby boy in the room just above where Kuato hangs.

Flash forward nine months. BAM! I'm pregnant again, just when I'd begun thinking about maybe having another baby later in the year.

A few weeks ago, my brother pointed out Kuato and mentioned how effective she was, maybe even too effective, and we should possibly take her down until we want to have another baby. I'm not particularly superstitious, but I decided it would be good karma to leave her up for the duration of my pregnancy. It's not like I completely credit Kuato with my and my husbands fertility and prenatal heath/birth(s), but we both cross under her a dozen times a day. So better safe than sorry, I say.

There is a particular blogger who's been trying to conceive with his wife for more than a year with no success. I like this blog and although my husband and I don't have this particularly issue with our own fertility, I feel very sympathetic to his plight. I'd been thinking I'd offer up Kuato's services this blogger and ship Kuto overseas to work her magic. I was initially worried about sending her out into the world while I was still pregnant, but decided the karma of sharing my fertility charm was so good, it would make up for not having Kuato in my home for the duration of my pregnancy. I think I lied about not being superstitious.

But he was way ahead of me! Before I had a chance to make my offer, said blogger has gotten himself a fertility goddess of his own, and it's much more, ahem, rustic than mine. So, I guess Kuato will stay where she is for now, at least until the Sprout arrives. Then we'll pack her away until we need her again.

All hail Kuato! And all hail fertility - good luck, Xbox! Hope your new charm is your golden ticket.


Xbox4NappyRash said...

You are too kind, seriously.

Some of the gestures I've encountered of late are really touching, this included.

BUT! - my granny always said, 'never give away your luck', so even if I hadn't just received one, I'd have to tell you not to send it!

It's a nice story behind it too, keep it there until the baby comes, and then maybe put it in a box ;0)

Thank you again.

Jenni said...

'never give away your luck,' i like that.