Monday, May 19, 2008

Oscar is Brilliant

Oscar has figured out how to turn on his Little Touch Leap Pad - and electronic book of sorts my mom got him for Christmas.

Unfortunately, he has not learned how to turn it off. So, unless I turn it off myself, oh 100 times a day, I'm treated to this constant refrain:

"Touch the green "go" circle on your Little Touch Leap Pad. *90 second pause* Touch the green "go" circle on your Little Touch Leap Pad." And on and on until I shut it off for the millionth time, after which Oscar immediately turns it back on.

I have no love for the Little Touch Leap Pad.


Xbox4NappyRash said...

he OWNS you two!

Veronica said...

And that is why I hid Amy's leap pad soft toy singing thingy she had.

I was sick of it talking, randomly at 2am.

moo said...

We have something like this. The woman's voice says "PRESS a letter." Then she cajoles, "PRESS a letter." We keep waiting for the day when she finally snaps, "PRESS A GODDAMN LETTER."

V. annoying.