Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tea and Scandal

Oh my god did I have a fabulicious Saturday morning with four of my best girlfriends. It was so amazing, so fun, and so exactly what I needed exactly when I needed it. When I left after and hour and a half, my face hurt from smiling, my sides ached from laughing, and my throat was sore from all the yelling. It made me realize why I hated playgroup so much - I thought playgroup would be like hanging with my girlies, but with kids. I was sooooo wrong, and absolutely insane to even think for a second a group of strangers could ever live up to the fun, gorgeous, brilliant women I'm lucky enough to surround myself with. So this blog post is an ode to you, my girlfriends (and thank god for you). I present you with a short list of some of the many reasons I love you all so much:

I love that we call each other exclusively by our last names, like football team or something.

I love that we are a team, or something.

I love that because we call each other by our last names, my husband could not tell me each of your first names, even though I've know most of you for eight or more years.

I love that we are so loud, other patrons scowl at us.

I love that when I'm with you all, I feel like so much more than just a mom.

I love that during tea and scandal this past weekend, not only did I not call home to check on the boys, I didn't even think about doing so.

I love that we can start a conversation with disparaging remarks made by an ex-boyfriend, and end the same conversation as members of some crazy all-girl drug cartel operating out of Annapolis.

I love that not one of you (who where there this weekend) RSVP'ed for my son's first birthday party but all of you are attending. And I already knew that.

I love that you lift me up when I don't even know I'm down.

I love that you are more like family than some of my family.

Thanks for making my weekend, and I'll see you next Saturday!


Sweeney said...

Aww. You're pretty awesome yourself. I had a fabulous time, and I can't wait to do it again.

moo said...

I'm SO GLAD you had such a good time!

And for the record ... playgroup is like high school all over again. Yuck.