Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tiny Tyrants

For the past several weeks, Danny has been ruling the roost around here. He has seven teeth and he has NOT been afraid to use them.

It started innocently enough. I'd notice Oscar's hair or shirt sleeve was wet and slobbery, and maybe there was a little red mark. Oscar didn't notice at all. Then, Danny's tooth explosion occurred in which he got five teeth in about as many days. The red marks turned to tooth impressions. The tooth impressions turned to bruises. And Oscar's not noticing turned into all out sob fests. Add in the hair pulling and face slapping and we had all out pandemonium around here.

Right around the same time, Danny became very interested in whatever toy Oscar was playing with. So interested, he would crawl up to Oscar as fast as he could and snatch it away. This happened so fast you'd miss it if you weren't looking. Again, at first Oscar didn't seem to mind. He'd just pick up another toy. And Danny would take that toy right away. This could go on and on. After about a week, Oscar started to mind Danny taking his toys, and he'd sob dramatically each time he did.

I figured this was all just normal baby stuff and it would all pass, and in the past few weeks it has. We've been living in a baby utopia around here.

Well, as of today, there's a new tyrant in town and his name is Oscar. He'll be taking that toy, Danny, and he'll smack you in the face when he does it. What, Danny, are you enjoying that book? Oscar will be having that, and he'll pinch you on the arm just to make sure you know who's boss. No, Danny, you can't play with the baby radio, and Oscar will smack your hand away every time you try to change the "station." And I see that you'd like to crawl through the door Danny, but Oscar is going in the opposite direction and is going to headbutt you back from whence you came.

So, I intervene when necessary, soothe away tears, try to prevent major injuries, hold back my laughter at their little baby brawls, and feel pretty confident that this too shall pass.


Susanica said...

We all sure hope it passes soon. We're trying like crazy to get Danny to knock it off with the biting...anyone out there have any suggestions? I don't blame little Oscar for asserting himself one bit. I like to think it's great developmentally for the boys to learn how to negotiate, share etc...but it's sure not fun seeing them navigate the world hitting and biting each other. Thanks for being such a great mediator Jenni. And will you tell Danny that when he gets home his Mommy is going to have a few words with him? But will he understand them? -Monica

moo said...

wow, sounds like you've got your hands full!

But you're right ... it will just have to pass in its time. And it will, you know. In the meantime, try not to pull YOUR OWN hair out!! ;)