Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two Questions and a Random Story


1. Why on earth would my husband choose to reorganize our cabinets after three years while I am pregnant? He's switched the positions of the salad plates and the cereal bowls three times in as many weeks. I keep putting them back where they've been for three years. I'm going to tell him to stop moving them tonight. I'm also going to ask him why he's doing this. He'll get really defensive and say something like "Do you think I would intentionally do something to incur your pregnant wrath?" I think he's doing it to drive me crazy. Really. Why else would he do it? Please, I'd like to hear your ideas on this.

2. Why does my son break out into shrieks that can only be described as banshee-like whenever I try to sit down and eat? I think it is because he wants what I'm eating (pizza is like a million times tastier than tofu), or because if I'm eating, I can't also be cutting food for him and he gets worried his supply will run low. My ears hurt and I'm hungry. Thoughts on how to combat this problem?

Random Story:

When Oscar sits in his high chair and eats, he crosses his legs at the ankle and I think it's the cutest think I've ever seen. A grown up behavior on a baby. It's precious.

When I was little (six or seven) my maternal Grandmother told me that men who cross their legs at the knee are gay. I thought this was absolutely true for probably eight or ten years. Now, even though I know that this is absolutely NOT TRUE, every time I see a man with his legs crossed at the knee I wonder if he might be gay, and then think how ridiculous that is. True story.


Xbox4NappyRash said...

babies with their bare feet crossed are just the cutest eat me up things on the planet

Susanica said...

Hi Jenni. Maybe Nelson is "reverse" nesting? Or else the way that they have been for years doesn't seem logical to him?

No advice on the Oscar shrieking question, but perhaps it will cheer you to know that Danny has perfected his imitation of said scream so we too are treated to it regularly ;-)

Oh, and when I was a kid I learned that if a girl carried her books by her side rather than up over her chest then she was a lesbian. Rediculous right? But I always tried to remember to "bring the books up" because on some level I believed this. Now of course, I just do whatever I want. Ah stereotypes. They really stick huh? -Monica