Monday, June 23, 2008

Damn You,, Damn You

Two days ago, I received and email from entitled "Your 12-month-old, Week 2." I've been receiving these emails since I was pregnant with Oscar (Your Pregnancy, Week 16), and while they've never really given me any information I didn't already know from reading The Mayo Clinic Guide to Pregnancy, or What to Expect the First Year, I've kept up my subscription because occasionally they are RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

For example, when Oscar was three months old, I got an email "Your 3-month-old, Week 1" and it said something like, "You may have begun to notice a sink full of hair after you brush it each morning." While I'm not really a daily hair brusher, I had noticed just that week that my hair was falling out by the handful, which was a bit alarming. I'd heard of postpartum hair loss, but seriously folks, I thought I was going bald. That email made me feel much better.

Back to my most recent email. Said email informed me that as my child rounds his first year, he may begin to resist taking naps, even though the child still needs naps. As in the two and a half hour morning nap and the hour and a half afternoon nap that I depend on for my very life. And gosh darn it if they weren't exactly right.

Friday - Oscar resists his morning nap, but eventually goes down for a hour and a half. Throws and absolute temper tantrum in the afternoon and completely refuses his second nap. Sleeps through the night.

Saturday - Oscar refuses his morning nap. Naps for 45 minutes in the stroller on a walk with Daddy, 2o minutes in the car on the way to see Nelson's folks. THAT'S IT. Sleeps through the night.

Sunday - Goes down for AM nap at 9:40. Wakes at 10:20. Mommy get him back to sleep by 10:25. Sleeps until 2pm. You heard me.

Look, Oscar may think he's over napping, but I need his naps as much as he does. During this morning's nap, I did dishes, started the crock pot for dinner, threw in some laundry, read some blogs, and am writing this. And, after I'm done, I'll take a 30-45 minute nap before the boys even wake.

During this afternoon's nap, I'll clean up from lunch, throw in another load of laundry, and fold four loads of laundry, and eat my own lunch. I might also get a little recreational reading done.

When am I supposed to get this stuff done if he doesn't take naps? Seriously, people, when?


Xbox4NappyRash said...

2025, by my calculations...

Susanica said...

Jenni, after 5 days on my own with Danny (especially the last 3 when he wasn't with you during the day;-) , I can honesly answer your question with "I don't know". I had never experienced before how nap times were about the only time I could get some things done. I hope our boy is cooperating and napping at the same time as Oscar for you. Dang it's tiring! -M

moo said...

It was around that time when Gray started weaning himself down to one nap a day. After a lot of trial and error, it eventually became an afternoon nap of 2-3 hours. It's a nice break and we've settled into a routine.

You will, too.