Friday, June 27, 2008

Phobia Friday: The Robot Edition

Okay, I realize that this is quite strange, but I am absolutely terrified of robots. I'm not saying I run in fear every time I see a Roomba in some one's house, but a machine that knows how vacuum by itself is just not right. One minute its sucking up crumbs and other household debris and the next it's cleaning up shards of glass from the vase it used to to KILL YOU so it can take over your life.

I realize that this is not entirely rational. The hard drive in my XBox 360 is not going to hop out of it's housing anytime soon and embark on a murderous rampage. I get that. But did you know that there are video games than can adjust their difficulty level as you are playing? I'm saying, the games can self-adjust for your skill level. The games can learn. That's creepy, okay? Awesome, yes, but also creepy. Because games don't have a "self." They're made of plastic and wire and stuff.

I also don't think that electronic devices are going to take over out world, a la Maximum Overdrive (although I do think that was a scary movie) or that my Passat Wagon is going to become a jealous girlfriend.

However, I do think we have created some really potentially scary smart technology. And, in case you didn't know this, humans have a track record of using technology and science in pretty stupid and appalling ways. Smart Bombs? Are you kidding me?

Mostly, I just don't want to see robots or computers becoming sentient beings - capable of free thought and action. I just think that's trouble for stupid humans. And when I see those terribly creepy Honda ads with the child-size robot as part of a family, I think that's where we might be headed.

So, yeah, I'm afraid of robots. Except for Johnny-5. He rules.


Kate said...

Have you heard the radio commercial about the girl who thinks it's really cool that she can push a button on her radio and it will tell her ipod that she wants a certain song...but she's a little weirded out by her appliances talking about her.

Then she says "I mean, my shower's seen me naked. What's it telling my toaster?"

Hilarious. And now it will make me think of you.

Seriously, though--have you seen Battlestar Galactica? It's all about what happens when robots get too smart.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Oh lord you are a bit nuts aren't ya...