Friday, June 20, 2008

Phobia Friday: The Salt Water Edition

I am terrified, TERRIFIED of the ocean. Something about it's vastness, the fact that it's water but you cannot drink it, it being filled with sea creatures (sharks, jelly fish, barracudas, sting rey's), yech! I'm really, really scared of it. This extends to all bodies of salt water, really, even my beloved Chesapeake Bay. I won't go in past my ankles.

This fear prevents me from ever, EVER going on a cruise. I can get on boats, but they have to be large (not a little dingy) and I have to be able to see the shore and make out the trees and people and such. I think I could reasonable swim that far if need be. Oh, lordy, I hope it never need be.

As a teenager, I had this recurring nightmare: I was riding in the back of pick up truck (I'm from the country, we did such things all the time) and we were going over the Nice Bridge, which spans a large body of salt water in my home town. Something goes awry and the truck careens over the bridge at the bridge's peak. The truck flips in the air and we crash into icy, salty water.

I begin to swim toward the surface. Only after a few moments, I realize that I am actually swimming down further into the depths of the water. I reorient myself and begin swimming to the surface, but it's so far, so very far, and I'm so tired. The last thing I recall before waking is my lungs burning as they fill with icy, salty water.

This dream also explains my intense fear of driving over bridges. I cross one on the way to my midwifery appointments each month and I grip the steering wheel for dear life and stare straight ahead the whole time. If the bridge weren't so long, I'd probably be holding my breath, too.

Anyways, fear of the Ocean. I blame my parents for this one. This fear closely ties into another fear of mine: sharks. I know precisely why I'm afraid of sharks. Is it their millions of teeth, powerful jaws, sleek bodies, and dead eyes? Yes, all those things scare me.

But the reason they scare me is because my parents let me watch Jaws when I was, oh, six or so. SIX. As in years old. So even though I know there are no sharks the size of a tractor trailer that can inhale an entire fishing vessel, I'm still terrified. Thanks, mom.

Hey, look at that! Three irrational fears in one post! How efficient!

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Xbox4NappyRash said...

You have quite the phobia collection there....

I'm not a fan of long bridges over water myself I must say.