Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Proud Owner of a Toddler

I've been experiencing a bit of a writing block recently - what to write about that isn't horribly boring? I can start by apologizing for missing my first Phobia Friday, but I had to admit, I'd started typing it before my computer went dark and wasn't loving it. However, I promise to find a way to make it work by this Friday.

Another point of business - I know you're all DYING to see first birthday photos, including the glorious cake shots and I promise to oblige as soon as I find a USB cable so I can upload my photos. See, the computer I'm borrowing doesn't have a slot for my memory card (because it is O-L-D) so I have to upload the photos old school. Ugh, so much more work.

So, lets talk birthday gifts. The big winners were the Leap Frog music table from my Dad and Step mom and the deluxe Radio Flyer wagon, including seat belts, cup holders (for kids and adults) and a sun shade. We took it for a spin yesterday and Oscar LOVED it. He was also envied by every other kid we passed on the street.

Oscar also got not one but TWO completely different Elmo telephones. And they are LOUD, but very cute and much adore by Oscar. He also got a pool, several books, a tractor, a new BPA free sippy cup, a fire truck, a sandbox, clothes, a baby doll, an alligator xylophone, and many other fantastic toys. It's a bit overwhelming. I don't even want to talk about thank you notes.

Ugh, see what I mean about boring? I'm off to fill in some of Oscar's baby book, which is very, very empty. Hopefully I'll return tomorrow with something interesting to say.

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