Thursday, June 5, 2008


I'd like to start this post with a little confession. If you haven't realized it already, I'm a person of many phobias. In addition to being afraid of stalkers and serial killers, I'm also afraid of natural disasters, the ocean, robots, driving over bridges, scorpions, sharks, and venomous snakes. And that's just my top ten list, folks. Oh, it goes on.

A lot of my fears I can control. I can stay away from oceans, robots, scorpions, sharks, venomous snakes, so it's not so bad. I have to cross a LARGE bridge for all my pre-natal appointments and I think I'm going to pee myself every time.

Anyways, yesterday, just after I put the boys down for there afternoon nap, it got dark. Like, twilight dark. And, then, the wind started blowing. And the thunder and lightning stated. And then, torrential downpours. I checked the Weather Channel online. Severe thunderstorms and a tornado warning. GAH! That would be a natural disaster.

I called Nelson - his work (a government agency) had LOST POWER and he was coming home. Then I lost power. He called back a few moments later to tell me that our warning had been upgraded to a watch. Double GAH! This meant I had to get to the basement. My unchildproofed basement. With two babies. Are you kidding me?

Loud crash of thunder, house shakes, Oscar wakes. Danny was awake the whole time, laughing. I retrieve Oscar, who is sobbing and terrified. I then move to take the pack and play to the basement. And I can't get it to collapse fully, so I have to take it half collapsed to the basement. Very difficult. As soon as I get to the basement, it collapses fully, of course.

After putting the pack and play back together in my very dark basement (which was horribly difficult) I huff back upstairs to retrieve the babies. Luckily, whenever I leave the play room for like two seconds, both boys immediately go to the gates and being rattling them like prisoners. And that's how I found them.

Only when I got back upstairs, sweaty and pregnant and exhausted, the wind had stopped. The rain had slowed to a drizzle. My power flickered back on.
I sighed with relief. We seemed to be safe. I collapsed on the couch and was covered in babies in an instant, so thankful we'd SURVIVED (dramatic, I know.)

We finished the afternoon unnapped and cranky but in a house that was still standing. Our trees lost relatively few limbs and we were only without power for 30 minutes or so. The rain started back up that night, but no wind, no tornadoes.

I woke this morning to a baby that slept though the night and sunshine. And hopes for a much less exciting day.


Xbox4NappyRash said...

I have to admit that your phobias are very entertaining...!

Although tornadoes... I'd be digging a hole in the basement...

moo said...


I'm glad everyone is OK ... and I can't stop giggling over the image of the two "prisioners" rattling the baby gates.

We had a short (45 min) nap yesterday too and a cranky afternoon. I feel your pain.

Susanica said...

Awww. All I'd heard from Su was that Danny had laughed while it rained yesterday afternoon. I had no idea that you'd had such an ordeal. I also didn't know that storms scared you. My 10 year old niece is visiting and she gets really freaked out too. Me? I love being all warm and dry while it storms outside. Sounds like our little Danny does too? So it is nurture vs nature! I knew it!

In all seriousness Jenni, thanks for being such a good day mother to Danny. He's in very good and responsible hands with you. Hope we've seen the last of this stormy weather. And I'll have to agree with xbox guy. You somehow make all your fears sound very entertaining!-Monica

Sweeney said...

I was actually thinking about you during that storm yesterday, since we'd talked about your tornado phobia on Saturday.

Jenni said...

In all fairness, I've actually had two close encounters w/tornadoes. One was about seven years ago, in our old basement apartment. It was super windy, so I went outside to take the plants down so they wouldn't blow over. A few moments later, my MIL called to see if I was okay - a tornado was spotted about two blocks from my house and two people were killed.

The following spring, there was a tornado in my sister's town, and it took down several houses on her street, just a couple of houses down, in addition to there whole main street type area. A couple on her street were killed.

Makes me soooo glad I don't live in Kansas or OK!