Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Unknown

For the past two days, I have had a migraine and nausea that have been so intense, I'm almost unable to function. Let alone care for my child and another (thank you Nelson for coming home early yesterday, and thank you Susanne and Monica for allowing me to take a sick day today.)

I hate complain about my pregnancy because the truth is, I'm extremely happy and lucky to be pregnant and am actually really excited about it. Up until this point I've been mostly symptom free - not bad for the first trimester..

And yet, here I am, nauseous, with a pounding head and some not too comfortable cramping. I spoke with the midwives. They said if this now 36 hour headache is not gone by tomorrow morning to call and I'll have to go in for a blood pressure reading and blood work. I hope this is not the case. I hope this is just normal pregnancy related ills and not a complication.

With Oscar, I was worried all the time, particularly in the first trimester, that something bad would happen and I'd loose him or be put on bed rest or have some other complication. I can honestly say I haven't given any of those worries any thought this time. Until now, until I'm feeling like I've been raked through the coals, and now I think I should have been worrying more. I should have been drinking more water and eating better and sleeping more and not stressing so much.

I enter my second trimester today. I thought I was out of the woods. The woods I didn't find so scary this time around. Now I feel like I've been duped. I'm reminded how fragile a state pregnancy is and how much is at stake.

I'm downing glass after glass of water, resting, willing my cramps and headache away. Telling myself I have nothing to worry about. Telling myself over and over that this is NORMAL, this is pregnancy.

This is normal, this is pregnancy.

This is normal, this is pregnancy.

This is normal, this is pregnancy.


Stephanie said...

You are stressing yourself out! Stop it! Even by reminding yourself to stop is stress. You need to take some time, sit outside, drink some decaf soothing tea (or a small bowl of your fav ice cream) and try to relax for a few minutes. Migranes usually occur when your mind is overloaded.

Sweeney said...

Let me know if you need anything...

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Stay positive.

From what I know (which ain't a whole lot) the icky bits can kick in at pretty much any stage.

Feet up!

Susanica said...

Hi Jenni. Just read both your posts now. Congrats on Oscar's first words! And about feeling so crappy--so sorry to hear that you're still not feeling great. They say every pregnancy is different and it sounds like this one is sort of tricking you. No one can tell you not to worry. But we can say, whatever we can do to help you feel better just let us know. Okay? Hope the boys are on their best behavior today. -Monica

Jenni said...

thanks for the support and words of encouragement, all. I'm pleased to report that I'm feeling much better today.