Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Let me start by saying that I do not often enough write posts about how fabulous my husband is. Usually, I write posts to complain about him, so I think he comes off rather bad on this blog, particularly if you don't know him in real life.

Nelson is amazingly generous, thoughtful, caring, helpful, selfless, funny, and loving. And I'm about to write another post where I complain about him. BUT, in recognition of the fact that I do not give him enough props around here, I will be writing a post later this week about how wonderful he truly is.

Okay, on to the kvetching. We live in this gorgeous 80-year-old Victorian home with a beautiful porch that spans the front the house. There's this pretty swing at one end and I absolutely love it. We've spent many a night on this porch.

Since having Oscar, our porch has become a crap hole. Okay, that's not exactly true. It looks like the porch of many families: we have a double jogger, a regular stroller, a wagon, and a child's riding car that permanently live on our front porch. It's crowded to say the least.

This stuff is all to big to fit in our home and I'd be worried about sun and weather damage if it were just in the yard, so this is how we live. We can still make it to the swing, so I'm okay with it.

Except that recently, our porch has taken on some new tenants. These tenants come in the form of three full sized coolers that we used to keep drinks cool for Oscar's birthday party. Three and a half weeks ago.

The place where our coolers are supposed to live is in the basement and the basement is my husband's territory. He hauled the coolers out and wash them and filled them with ice for the party. He drained them and rinsed them after the party. And then, nothing.

I've asked him, twice, to please bring the coolers back to the basement. He has assured me he will. But, three and a half weeks, people.

So, now I'm in the position where I need to decide if I should be passive aggressive and put the coolers away myself, or if I should be a nag and ask him (for the third time, hence nagging) to take care of it.

Physically, I think I could do it. The coolers are bulky and awkward, but not heavy. Our basement steps are steep, but not unmanageable. My belly will get in the way a bit, but overall I think I can manage.

The problem is, when Nelson sees that I put the coolers away, he will become immediately defensive and angry that I did it instead of waiting for him to do it because HE SAID HE'D DO IT, OKAY?

This is a scene I'd like to avoid.

So, option two - ask him for the third time in three weeks to bring them down stairs. This will likely result in him becoming defensive and angry because I'm nagging him about the coolers and HE SAID HE'D DO IT, OKAY? And then, he'd probably do it, but this option would almost certainly end in an argument about who does more work around here.

Also, a scene I'd like to avoid.

There is a third option - I just leave the coolers out until he remembers to do it. But then I might as well put some recliners and an old refrigerator on my front porch to keep the coolers company.

I really don't want to be "those" neighbors.

So, what to do?


moo said...

omg, are you married to my husband, too? If I ask him to do something, I mean DO IT NOW, not "sometime in the near future which may or may not mean this month." This is how the majority of our arguments occur.

For instance, he moved the lamp from the bedroom into the living room so he could have more light while working on his project. That was fine. But three days later, he's done with his project and HELLO, guess who has no light in her bedroom? So I said to him "honey, it really is irritating that there is no light in the bedroom." and he said (GET THIS) "Well, all you had to do was ask me to move it back. You don't have to get all pissy about it."

Look, that WAS my nice way of asking, dude.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

when is he is a good mood, having just finished a nice easy task and feeling all manly, ask him will he give you a hand taking the coolers down...

watch the results with amazement and remember who told ya!

Timing is vital though