Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hair: A Dilemma

Since Oscar has been born, I've had my hair cut a grand total of two times. Some of you may be thinking "BFD, who gets their hair cut more often than twice a year?" Well, I do.

I wear a pretty short hair cut. Not as short as it used to be, but shorter than the average woman. Shorter than a bob, longer than a pixie. So, I NEED to get my hair cut far more frequently than I do else I end up with a mommy-mullet (which I'm sporting right now.)

I've espoused on my love of hair care before, so I'll not go there again. But, I do have a dilemma.

I've been seeing my stylist for about four and a half years. She's located in Washington, DC. On the Hill (as we insiders say) to be exact.

Now, I live in (dun, dun, DUN!) the suburbs, about a 30 minute drive from the Hill or a 10 minute drive and 3o minute Metro ride. Driving into the city also requires finding parking in the city and that takes at least 20 minutes, particularly on a weekend.

I love, love, love my hair stylist. But the schlep into the city is just too far. So, where to suburbanites get their hair cut? Turns out they get their hair cut IN THE CITY. Hence there are no really good upscale salons our here, at least where I live. There all at least 30 minutes away, so I might as well just go to my girl.

And that takes me to the city. I just don't feel like going there.

Normally, I'd just put off going until my hair covered my face, but I'm going on a very exciting, very secret trip next week and I must have good hair. And, my pregnant hair is already pretty much in my face and very mullet-ish, so yeah, time to make a decision.

I've gotten some suggestions from friends for stylists closer to home. I'm still very nervous. I have short hair and it is much harder to give a good short cut than to cut longer hair.

My husband and brother think I need to go to my regular stylist - my hair is very important to me, and she is a known quantity. However, I really don't want to spend and entire afternoon traveling to get my hair done, dig?

Oh, and if my hair is royally screwed up and I have to go to my regular stylist to get it fixed, how do I explain my hair infidelity?

The decisions that a suburban housewife must make. Sigh. Let me go bleach some whites and see if that clears things up for me.


moo said...

WHAT? I want to know where you are going!! WAH!

Um, so I used to get my hair cut every 8 weeks religiously but then I got knocked up and couldn't afford it anymore. So now I'm part of the "twice a year if I'm lucky" club instead of the "awesome hair for women" club.

I say ... get a babysitter and schelpp on down to the city. Make it an afternoon! Eat out by yourself! Shave your legs! GO CRAZY.

periperijane said...

Um, are you going to blogher. Tell me you're going to blogher!!!!