Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home Filthy Home

Upon waking this morning after a decent night's sleep, I realize something. My house is a hole. A giant, dog hair-filled, crap hole. In the nearly six days I was gone, it seems no laundry was done, the floor was vacuumed not even once, and the sink was LITERALLY overflowing with dishes.

On a positive note, while in Santa Cruz I managed to shower every single day five days in a row, a feat I've not accomplished since before Oscar was born. I also exclusively went to the bathroom with the door closed (even if Oscar was in there with me a few times) and blew dry my hair everyday. I felt like a princess.

In a preview for tomorrow's Phobia Friday, I'll be talking about Karaoke, Santa Cruz style. I'm terrified of singing in public, but my BFF loves it (and is amazing at it.) There will be pictures. And a game. You're gonna love it.

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