Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home Humid Home

Oscar and I have spent the last week in gorgeous, sunny, ocean side Santa Cruz, CA. My BFF's husband few us out there for her 30th birthday (what a great husband.) We had a fantastic time, and have some great stories to share, but for now, we're both still recovering from jet-lag and I'm digging out from a week an a half's worth of laundry.

I'll tell you briefly about the weather. Every morning when we woke (at 6am, of course) it was around 50 degrees, overcast, and misty. You could smell/see/hear the ocean from my BFF's balcony. By 10:30am, the mist and sky had cleared. The weather warmed up to a perfect 72 degrees almost every day. You needed a sweater in the shade and at night. I had to by pants for Oscar because it was too cold for shorts. They don't even have air conditioning. Because they don't need it. It was such a welcome relief from the oppressive heat of DC this time of year.

That's it for now, but I have some good antics to share. I missed you guys!

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