Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Last night I was suffering from pregnancy induced insomnia. Being no stranger to insomnia, pregnancy induced or otherwise, I did what all good insomniacs do and I began to make a list. So, I present you with -

Reasons Why I'm Not as Good of a Pregnant Person this Time Around:
1. I eat poorly - lots of take out and almost no veggies. I can't stomach veggies, except salad, and that really doesn't count. And I'm too tired to cook dinner, and so is Nelson. Last time, he'd make dinner a lot of the time, but this time he takes care of Oscar pretty much from the time he gets home. No time for making dinner, so pizza and Thai food it is.
2. I don't drink nearly enough water. I can count the days on two hands that I've actually gotten in the prescribed 64 ounces.
3. I'm not getting enough calcium. With Oscar, I drank three glasses of milk a day, plus a yogurt. And I still got four cavities. This time around, one glass, maybe two. I need to start supplementing.
4. I do not get enough rest. I think I'm getting my energy back, but the boys wear me the crap out, as does the seven weekly loads of laundry, daily dishwasher full of dishes, daily dog hair clean up, etc.
5. I forget my prenatal vitamins at least twice a week. I'm such a loser.

Since I enjoyed making the above list so much, I made this list this morning -

Things that Really Made me Angry this Morning:
1. My prenatal vitamins. I bought them at a health food store and they are supposed to be really great and made with all plant based materials, etc. They were $30, 60 to a bottle. Good deal, thinks I, a three month supply. I took one the first day, all was well. The next day I take one again, and as I'm drinking my water, I read the vitamin bottle. Apparently, you are supposed to take SIX of these vitamins a day! That is the daily recommended serving! Six! So, instead of getting a 60-day supply, I really only have a 15-day supply. Who ever heard of having to take multiple multi-vitamins? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
2. Nelson put his dirty dinner dish on the counter opposite the sink, not in the sink, which was empty and had plenty of room. Don't worry, Jenni's Maid Service is always on duty and can move your dish the extra four feet to the sink, the four feet that were too far for you to travel. You just take it easy, okay? Whatever you do, don't over exert yourself.
3. My greengrocer charged me for a delivery that I cancelled. This is not the first time this has happened. Get it together, man. How do you run a business when you regularly charge people for a service they did not receive, or send them notices that their account is delinquent when it is not delinquent? I'm tired of it, which is why I cancelled my delivery. I'm getting my produce from the grocery store from now on. At least that way I won't get mealy peaches and wilted lettuce.

Phew, that feels better. Now I'm going to go take my six vitamins and catch a nap.

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moo said...

I always took Flintstone's vitamins instead of prenatals (have to take 2 a day to get the folic acid) but it was much more pleasant and WAY less expensive. Plus, fun to eat!