Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Run for the Border

I just really want some Taco Bell RIGHT NOW, is that okay? I've never in my life liked Taco Bell, but now, I can't get enough of it. I wish I was eating it this very moment. The double cheesy beef burrito? YUM. Chicken ranch chalupa? Yes. One of those crunch wrap things with the awful commercials? Oh, I'll take ten. And hot sauce, LOTS of hot sauce. Hot, please.

No, I don't want Chipotle or even a real burrito from an actual Mexican restaurant. I want gross, nasty 89 cent Taco Bell burritos.

We're supposed to have steaks for dinner. You know what I want? The Bell. The Bell over steak.

Lord help me. And send me a cheesy beef burrito, STAT.


Kate said...

There are times when nothing--nothing! can replace a taco bell taco. It's inexplicable.

Susanica said...

Remember the cheese chilitos? God how I miss the cheese chilitos. Wait that was Zantigos that used to be Zapatos. But they are all Taco Bells now right?

Thanks Jenni. Now I'm starving for a mexican food that no one even makes any more! (And I'm not even pregnant!) Have a great day! -Monica