Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hangin' Tough

Full Disclosure: I was a huge NKOTB fan in middle school. If you don't know who NKOTB is, you must have spent the early 90s in a tomb. I still know most of the lyrics of their more popular songs and I think it is just SUPER that they are back on tour. Donnie was my favorite - I've always loved me a bad boy. Sigh. I'm not even kidding about this.

Now that you've all lost whatever smidgen of respect you had for me, I wanted to let you all know I'm STILL PREGNANT and STILL BREECH. It's funny - a week ago I was all, "Let's have this baby," and now, I just want it to stay in there as long as possibly and turn it's little ass (literally) around.

So, I'm signing off for the holidays. Tomorrow is American Thanksgiving, also referred to by Americans as the Real Thanksgiving, and as is our tradition I plan to sit on my ass and eat tons of turkey and pie for the next four days. There are going to be no less than five different kinds of pie in my home. FIVE. There will be no time for blogging.

Monday is D-day. Well, kinda. I got back to Dr. Magic Hands to see if the baby has turned, if the baby can be turned, or if the baby can be delivered breech vaginally. If the answer to all of these scenarios is "no" I will be scheduled for a C-section, likely next week. So, I'll post on Monday to give you the low down, but starting Tuesday, you'll be treated to some really awesome guest posts from some of my favorite bloggers. I'll also post intermittently with updates on the birth, the baby, and me, but I don't expect to be back "full time" for at least two weeks.

I know, it will be hard for all of us. But, I'm leaving Oscarelli in very capable hands. Okay, moderately capable hands. I mean, they haven't destroyed any blogs that I know of.

Happy T-Day, folks! See you Monday!


Cameron said...

Good luck!!! No matter how it plays out, the end result is the most important part. ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope it all goes to plan for you - I've probably missed you but thought I'd comment anyway, just in case! Have fun with all the pies and I am sending major positive and turning thoughts to you.

Anonymous said...

I now have hangin' tough stuck in my head with the dance moves ready to bust out of my legs. Thanks for that.

Good luck with everything!!! Hope the little guy (that's what I voted) turns around.

Btw--I've been feeling pretty sick recently, but I promise to have a post for you by this weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Casey said...

Well I'll miss you. If you get a chance, let us know how things turn out, I'm thinking about you!

Casey said...

And BTW, NKOTB? Are you serious? Heh.

Xbox4NappyRash said...


that's what I call Fridays.

Good luck you.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it. NKOTB? I think I like you less now. However, if Marky Mark were to knock on my door I wouldn't turn him away. Good vibes and gobble gobble!

Becky said...

Hope that baby's a turnin'! Can't wait to hear more.f

Kat said...

You have an award waiting for you over at my place, come take a look and pick it up!

Kat said...

Hope you had a spectacular thanksgiving! Oh and you got an award over at my place waiting for you!