Monday, November 17, 2008

Listless Mondays: Things Left to Do Before I Give Birth

I'm back for another installment of Anna's Listless Mondays!

Things Left to Do Before I Give Birth

1. Purchase high protein snacks and caffeinated/caloric beverages to keep up energy during birth
2. Purchase sealant for upstairs windows
3. Harass Nelson endlessly until he seals all the upstairs windows because "I CANNOT POSSIBLY GIVE BIRTH IN A DRAFTY HOUSE!"
4. Read books to Oscar while his sits on my lap for as many moments as humanly possibly
5. Scrub bathroom floor
6. Scrub every surface in my house
7. Chase Oscar around the house/yard/playground until he squeals with laughter for as many moments as humanly possible
8. Sleep
9. Obsess over appropriateness of chosen baby names, forcing Nelson to agree to change them at the last minute, only to change them back five minutes later.
10. Purchase a placenta bowl
11. See Twilight
12. Go out to dinner with just Nelson
13. Dilate
14. Start Christmas shopping
15. Finish Christmas shopping
16. Harass Nelson until he installs the infant car seat, because, "WHERE WILL THE BABY SIT? IT COULD BE BORN TOMORROW! AHHHH!"
17. Sniff baby layette and stare at teeny, tiny socks for the millionth time
18. At least 20 times declare myself finished with housework until after the birth and start dinner begin scouring the counters 10 minutes later
19. Clean out underneath the dry sink
20. Succumb to complete pregnancy insanity and completely lose my shit at Nelson a dozen or more times for absolutely no reason (I apologize in advance)
21. Break in to sobs a dozen or more times for loosing my shit at Nelson for no reason and apologize profusely


Anonymous said...

OMG. I have not got the urge to do crazy cleaning but evidently my mom did because she dusted the window blinds while she was here. What does that mean? I may not be the best housekeeper, but really. Thanks mom. Sincerely, because if I hadn't done them by now, they surely wouldn't be done before the baby.

I have lost my shit on several occasions for no reason, so there's that. That's not normal for me. Did pack my overnight bag and we have a ginormous bag of newborn diapers and wipes. That's a start right? Car seat installed, check. Mom is anticipating a very early delivery, Husband anticipating baby to arrive 'on time'. Right. Because so many babies are born on their due date.

Cameron said...

If you don't get anything else done, shoot for number 13, that's a biggie ;)

Michele said...

What the hell is a placenta bowl? I mean I know what a placenta is and I know what a bowl is but why would you put the two together? Is this a new thing?

I'm a librarian, we're all about information sharing.

Casey said...

I never did the nesting or cleaning thing but I'm just plain lazy. A placenta bowl? Is that an actual thing? I just got a bit grossed out by that, do you keep it to eat popcorn out of afterward? Great list, mine would be: sleep and play with my already born kid. The cleaning can wait, newborns sleep a lot and don't care about dirty counters.

Becky said...

Yes, it is awesome that you're going to make time for #13.

I love this list!

Susanica said...

And don't forget to do that contact info sheet so your favrite family members and friends who are going to kindly remove Oscar temporarily from the house when you're "indisposed" can communicate! -M

P.S. Does this mean we can still lobby you for name ideas??? ;-)

Jenni said...

@Michele - Since I'm giving birth at home, the placenta bowl is the actual vessel in which I'll deliver my placenta. Just a 3 quart plastic bowl, but I haven't been able to find one anywhere and don't really want to use one of my mixing bowls, you know?

And, no @Casey, we will NOT be keeping it. It'll go right out to the curb on trash day, along with the placenta itself. We don't keep that either.

@Monica, bring on the suggestions :)

Michele said...

Ah! I get it.

Cool that your hubs has his PhD. LOC collects all kinds of cool things. And you are so there.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Where does one get a nice placenta bowl these days?

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask what a placenta bowl is but its been covered. I'm very squimish, so it inherently grosses me out. But good for you for being prepared.

Christine said...

Beware of the scrubbing and cleaning; it might just launch you into labor. Or maybe you should start immediately if you want to go into labor already.

EllenMarie said...

I am laughing at the placenta bowl comments. When I had Steven I was all curious and made the doctor promise to show me the placenta afterwards. She did. She held it up in all its glory and put her fist inside to show me how the baby was inside (it still has the membranes and everything attatched). I almost effing threw up. I'm normally not sqeamish but I am putting placenta on my list of things I never want to see again.

Veronica said...

Sounds like a good list!

Keely said...

Stock up on #8.

And lol @ the placenta bowl. Doesn't Target have an old aisle of them??

Anonymous said...

Dude, you need to get started!