Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Random Bits #4

Well sur-prise, sur-prise! I was honored with a surprise baby shower for the sprout this weekend. My friend Pam pulled out all the stops. The food was fantastic, the friends were fabulous, and we are loaded up with gender neutral sleepers, baby grooming products, and gift cards to buy baby necessities (read: diapers.) Pam and friends, I was truly surprised. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nearly as surprising, Oscar has moved into the fuchsia nightmare. He's spent three nights in there, and? He LOVES it. He loves his big boy room so much and he looks so cute tooling around in there with his toys and his books. Thank god we've got such an adaptable kid. And, yes, it's still fuchsia, but we figure by this time next year, Oscar will have an actual opinion as to what his room should look like, so we'll paint it then. So, for now it's fuchsia ahoy!

Last week was Danny's last week with us. While Oscar and I are both thankful for some time to hang out one one one before the sprout's arrival, we miss our friend Dan. Don't worry, Oscar is making sure I don't go soft. He's been climbing on and falling off of couches and chairs, trying to ingest poisonous cleaning products and staples, running away from me at top speed while at the play ground, and making it his job to remove every single tissue and diaper wipe from it's respective package. Board much?


And while I'm on the subject of Oscar, he's finally cut his top one-year molars, renewing my faith in God. Oh, my sweet, happy, laughing, cuddly boy is finally back. I've missed him. Unfortunately, he's got an atrocious runny nose that he's fond of wiping on my leg at every opportunity. Juicy!


And last but far, far from least, we did it, America! The electorate has renewed my faith in this country. For the first time in many moons, the presidential candidate that I voted for, won. Obama won. I feel like I've been waiting for this day my whole life. This is an historic moment for our nation. Lets revel in it. Oh, and Bradly effect MY ASS!


Casey said...

I have several Woo Hoo's to share here. Yay on the molars finally poking through, teething is the most tortuous thing (next to ear infections). WOO HOO on Obama winning. I'm still sitting here getting goosebumps every time I think about it. Sorry Danny isn't there with you guys anymore, I guess maybe you can schedule lots of play dates in the future so the boys don't lose touch!?!?

montana said...

I wish I was in DC to feel the excitement (or Chicago :) and no so so far away!

Take that baby in a sling and go to the inauguration for me!...and your bump is beautiful :):):)

Kat said...

Congrats on your candidates win. It might not have been my choice buy I respect those who did vote for him. Now go out and celebrate while I watch the movers pack my worldly possessions today.

Anonymous said...

A surprise shower? How incredibly sweet. Glad to hear about the molars. Teething is the worst. Well except for juicy boogers being wiped on your leg. Yah, that's gross.

steenky bee said...

Well, if you think the electorate has renewed your faith in the country, hold on to your knickers when you see what those homeopathic tablets can do for teething. For reals.