Saturday, December 20, 2008

Miles, Day Four

Things are going well. Little Miles was quite jaundice, but he's such a fantastic eater it is clearing up nicely.

The breastfeeding has been like a dream. He latched on within moments of his birth and pretty much hasn't stopped nursing since then. Unfortunately I've come down with a nasty case of mastitis derailing my recovery, which was going really well.

Miles is, in a word, sweet. He is snugly. He is positively lovely. I had no idea I could fall in love with another baby so completely. Oh, the perfection. And he's soooooo different from baby Oscar. And also, so exactly the same.

Oscar is adjusting. He misses his mom tending to his every need and Nelson is struggling at times with caring for him on his own but I think he's doing a great job.

Okay, that's all for now. I hope to be back to blogging and reading YOUR blogs in the next week. I feel so out of the loop. I'd love to hear some updates in my comments section (hint, hint.)


Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Oh he's so smooshilious!! Rest and enjoy your holidays! : )

Casey said...

He IS adorable, that last picture cracked me up! I felt the same way with Elliot, not sure how I'd love a second kid and them WHAM, head over heels. Glad you have another snuggle bug and Oscar will be ok.
Not much going on here, sick patient still being tended to. We just got back from getting him IV fluids since he won't eat or drink. Way to cheer you up, eh? The blogs will all be here when you return, don't worry. Us bloggers have way too much to say.

Cameron said...

Looks like the world is as it should be at the Oscarelli household ;)

Take care and have a great holidays!!

Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous and I'm glad the feeding's going well - that's the first hurdle over with!
We are house of illness at the mo! My boy has chicken pox (he's ok with it, just spotty and a bit sleepy) and I have some flue bug thing (temperature of 101.9 which I was quite proud of). The girl also has a nasty cough. In cheerier news, it was her 3rd birthday on the 19th so lots for you to catch up with on Barbara's 366!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

you do have another cutie on your hands.

very like Nelson (those two sentences sound odd together to me, no disrespect Nelson...)

Hmmm, whats going on...well, twenty two months ago the wife and I decided know the rest.

Kat said...

Not much is going on around here, just trying to get ready for Christmas.

Baby Bunching said...

Congrats!!!! yay!

Super Ninja Mommy said... that is one seriously sweet baby.
you guys make some adorable childrens.

congrats again!!

Veronica said...

I want to kiss him! So pleased that breastfeeding is going well, although Mastitis has to be the WORST thing ever. Had it once and it completely floored me for a few days. Ugh.

No updates over here really, so busy that my stress levels are through the roof and I'm starting to nest. Joys.

Susanica said...

Hey Jenni. I've got to say that in the last photo there, Miles looks a lot like Oscar did (and thus like Nelson.) But since we had a chance to meet the little guy yesterday, I can honestly say he's all you Jenni. Adorable and a sweetheart to boot.

Talk to you soon, and Merry Christmas to you and your band of Merry Men! -Monica

Krystal said...

he is so yummy!!! aww!! if i didn't tie my tubes!! but then that would make 7 and I would start competing with the Duggers.

Not much here except a house waiting for school to return to session.

montana said...

My internet finally worked well enough this morning to see the photos! So cute, and I agree, he does look like Oscar did in the photos. I hope I get to meet him in March! enjoy this time!