Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Second Time Around

Yeah, yeah, I'm still pregnant. STILL. But I won't be for long. Tomorrow is the day, so stay tuned. Until then...

Do you read Veronica' s blog, Sleepless Nights? You probably do because she is a big, fancy, All Top blogger and she just happens to be my friend. I can smell your jealousy from here.

Actually, the truth is Veronica's kind of not fancy at all, which is my favorite thing about her. She's a SAHM down in Tazmania to a very precocious two-year-old and she's pregnant with number two. She is very funny, very honest, and her blog reminds me that I am not really going crazy. I just parent a toddler.

So in about 8 weeks I will be giving birth to our second baby – a little boy. Unlike Jenni was, I am planning a hospital birth.

Now several things went into my decision to give birth in a hospital.

1. Living in Tasmania I don’t have any choice.
2. Uhm. Uh. Well.

Which hey, maybe there wasn’t so much thinking involved in my decision at all.

So for me, choosing to give birth in a hospital wasn’t really a choice, more of an ‘I don’t have any other options’.

But you know what? I’m good with having to birth there. Our hospital has mostly midwife based care (with doctors available, obviously), they try and get you through your labour without drugs, failing that – ie: you request drugs - they start with the little stuff (gas, pethidine) rather than routinely giving every woman an epidural.

All healthy babies are placed on their mothers stomachs immediately after birth and both mother and baby are covered in warmed blankets, rather than taking the little one away to a warmer. Breastfeeding is generally initiated within an hour of giving birth and all that good stuff.

So really, not a terrible place to give birth.

But this time around I’m worried. See, when I was heavily pregnant with Amy, I lived 5 minutes from the hospital. I had no worries about not making it to the hospital in time or that Nathan would have been drinking and wouldn’t be able to drive. Our plan for Amy’s birth was to call a taxi to drive us down and when I went into labour at 8am, that’s what I did.

We actually only stayed at home long enough to call the hospital and wait 30 minutes to make sure the contractions weren’t going to stop. Unlike other women I have talked to, my contractions didn’t start at 8-10 minutes apart. Mine started at 2 minutes apart with a side dose of OMG I can’t talk or move or walk through theeeeeeeeese *insert breathing and nothing but breathing here*.

Needless to say, the taxi ride into the hospital wasn’t the most comfortable.

With this pregnancy though? We live an hour from the hospital, if we don’t have to drive through peak hour.

My labour with Amy was fast for a first labour, only 7 ¾ hours from first contraction to last. I have been assured by the midwives that second labours are even faster.

Now I’m sure that I will make it to the hospital on time and not give birth in the car yada yada, but apparently my subconscious doesn’t believe me because I have a continuing sequence of dreams that either involve me giving birth in the car, or giving birth in my kitchen.

Either way, I am a little more apprehensive about labour this time around. I find myself thinking about it an awful lot and planning things more than I did for my first.

I know what I’m in for and I know what I want to do differently and what I want to do the same.
I’m still planning to go in with an open mind though, to just go with it and see how we end up.

As for Nathan? Well he knows for sure that this time he wants to be standing near my head, or even better, behind me. Anywhere where he doesn’t have to see everything. Hehe.


Cameron said...

Veronica, you lucky bastard. Our first (like I was in labor, right?) took about 20 hours, and the second (they don't lie, it takes less time) took about 18 hours

blissfully caffeinated said...

Good Luck Veronica!

Jenni, is it just me or is your babystrology widget now going backward?

Veronica said...

Cameron - I'm very lucky I take after my Dad's side of the family. My aunts all have had fast labours.

Blissfully - Thanks!

and I'm still giggling at Jenni's intro. I'm still a little shocked that so many people want to read my blog!

Super Ninja Mommy said...

well the good news is, people have been having babies for, like, ever, so the baby knows how to get out of there without much help.

I have a history of very fast labors (first 5 hours, second 3 hours, third 2 3/4 hours, fourth 16 hours. I was like, wait, you should have just fallen out. But anyway.)

I live a good 45 minues from the nearest hospital, so I just made sure I knew how to birth a baby without help. The Hub and I did research on unassisted childbirth so we knew just what to do in case we didn't make it.

Then the little shit decided to take forever to get here, but whatever. I can use this new showercurtain and thirty thousand chux pads for.... something. I guess.

crazylovescompany said...

Phew! I don't blame your husband at all. Mine wants to be standing at my head, doesn't really want to see anything, and that's fine with me. I'm not sure I do.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

I always had dreams about giving birth to kittens when I was preganat, and also doing alot of illegal drugs?? WTF?

Good luck tomorrow! I wish you a safe and speedy delivery. (Labor/delivery was always my favorite part) ; )

Baby Bunching said...

Wow, good for you. I have a friend who was in Tanzania. She did come home to have her baby though. I had mine in the Middle was fine, but it was my first so I didn't know about the comforts of here. We did the gas. All it did was make me loopy. We did the demerol. Made me throw up.

Yes, second babies can come quicker. My first was 20 hours of labor. My second was 8 and 3 pushes.

Jenni.....good luck tomorrow.

Kristi said...

Good luck tomorrow Jenni! I only wish my prognosticating powers were still powerful--then you'd already be home with baby. Feel free to curse me if you're feeling anxious and annoyed. I'm sure everything will be great--can't wait to here all about it!

Krystal said...

Fast labors are the pinnacle of all of my pregnancies. Even my c-section for Tiny Dancer was fast!!

Susanica said...

Hey Jenni! I'm going to throw in my final two guesses for what names you've picked. If it's a girl you're totally going to name her Octavia right? Oscar and Octavia? No? Well anyway, if it's a boy, you're going for Olaf right? Oscar and Olaf? That would be indeed cute! We are looking forward to everything going perfectly with the arrival of cutie pie #2. Talk to you soon. Love, Monica and Su and Danny

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Good luck to you! I won't tell you about my labor because it will seem like I am gloating (eight hours from start to finish, only pushed for 12 minutes), so I will just say I am sending you easy labor vibes!!!

The Hotfessional said...

Ah honey. You know I'll be cheering for you from the States, right?

Casey said...

Oh that was the scariest part, not knowing when the kid was gonna show up and how you'd get there. Good luck with your second, great guest post!

LceeL said...

You know - he did this - you ought to make him watch the whole thing.

Debbie said...

You will do fine! I am looking forward to hearing all about it.

Hyphen Mama said...

Sadly, even living within a city and being only miles from our hospital, it was still an hour's drive.

You're going to do great!