Saturday, January 10, 2009

Birth Story - Miles William, Part One

Miles William
Born December 16, 2008
8lbs 12ozs
22 3/4 inches

Miles' birth story starts several weeks before he was born, when I was 37w 5d and feeling some funny pressure on my cervix. We had an ultrasound that day and the baby was confirmed to be in the footling breech position.

The next day, we went to see a specialist, Dr. Magic hands, to see if he could attempt and external version. Due to the baby's single fooling presentation he could not. He sent us home and told us to return in a week in a half.

In that week and a half, I went to the chiropractor three times, acupuncturist once, and was doing moxibustion and breech tilt exercises every night. It was all to no avail as he was still breech on Monday, December 1. Dr. Magic Hands sent me home for another week because by his estimation, "This baby not coming for another two weeks."

At this point, I gave in. I decided that I just needed to trust my body and my baby to do what they were going to do, and if this baby was breech it was that way for a reason. I decided to just accept it. So, no more chiropractor, no more moxibustion, no more exercises. I just relaxed.

When we returned on Monday, December 8, I was 40w 2d pregnant. The baby was still presenting breech so we scheduled my C-Section for December 11.

I did some holiday shopping, lots of laundry, and spent time with little Oscar. On December 11, at 40w 5d pregnant, we got up at 4:30am and headed into the hospital. I was nervous. "What if he's not ready?" I said to Nelson in the car. Up until this point, I'd had no real contractions or anything. I didn't want the baby born before it was ready, and I didn't think he was ready. I know I wasn't.

We were admitted, I was hooked up to an IV, wearing an embarrassing hospital gown, sitting in an uncomfortable hospital bed with a lovely view of an alley. We spoke with a few nurses and residents who would be attending the surgery. The nurse explained what would happen - I would walk to the OR and get my epidural. Once they were sure it had taken, the surgery would begin. It would take about 2o minutes to get the baby out, at which point they show it to me and then take him to the nursery while I was closed up (another 20 minutes.) Then I'd spend 2 hours in the recovery room where the baby could join if we were both doing well.

As she explained this to me, I almost cried. All I could think about was how when Oscar was born, he was put immediately on my chest. How we started breastfeeding in the first hour. How I had gotten out of bed, eaten, showered, and peed all within an hour of his birth. How this was going to be so entirely different and how much I hated that.

But I got over it. Another resident arrived. He said he would not be attending my surgery, but was wondering if he could to an ultrasound. We agreed. He asked us why we had scheduled a C-Section and I told him the baby had been presenting breech since 37 weeks.

"Really?" Dr. Lui asked, "Because this baby is DEFINITELY vertex," he said, and he flipped the ultrasound monitor around so we could see.

"See? That's a head, and that's your cervix, and that's your placenta. It's anterior, but that's fine. And here are his feet, and an arm...."

I don't really know what else he said. He left the room and the nurse literally came running in.

"The baby is vertex? WOW! Let me call Dr. Magic Hands. He'll probably send you home," she said.

Nelson and I were overjoyed.

Dr. Magic Hands arrived about 45 minutes later.

"I hear we have wonderful news!" he said.

He confirmed the baby had indeed turned. He told me I should call my midwives and go ahead with my home birth, but if that baby hadn't arrived in a weeks time, to call him and he would do a hospital induction (I'd be 42 weeks by then.)

He performed a non-stress test to make sure the baby and my placenta were doing okay and send me home.

I called the midwives and spoke with Marsha, the midwife who delivered Oscar. She was overjoyed. I scheduled an appointment to come into the office that afternoon to discuss getting my labor started.

To be continued...


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Ohhhhh so exciting! I absolutly loved the labor/delivery part the best! Even though mine were all induced in the hospital I still loved the anticiaption and buzz about a new baby! Can't wait to read more! : )

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I can't wait to read the rest!

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Babies are amazing little things aren't they? Last minute surprises all the way.

Casey said...

Ok, I followed along with this when it actually happened and now I'm getting all excited again. I wonder how it ends? ;)