Monday, January 26, 2009

things i forgot

a list of things i forgot about having a newborn for anna's listless mondays (see button in sidebar.) blatantly ripping this topic off from veronica. also, typing with one hand so you should expect either all or no caps and even shoddier spelling and punctuation than usual.

  1. the smell and feel of spit up
  2. the softness of baby heads
  3. the stickiness of breast milk
  4. the tired
  5. terrible newborn skin
  6. lovely baby breath
  7. twice weekly showers
  8. the thirst
  9. the sex, or lack thereof
  10. nap and nurse (but only on the weekends this time around)
  11. sleepy giggles
  12. first smiles
  13. 2am feedings
  14. 3am feedings
  15. 4am feedings
  16. the snuggling, oh the snuggling


Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

I seriously need to quit reading you right before my period I cry like a crazy person over every single one! : )

Krystal said...

ooohh, yeah that new born skin - ugh!!! Every time I look at Tiny Dancer I have to rub her with lotion and getting that baby dandruff that sticks to her head like glue - ugh!! no soft bristle brush out there can help with that!! can you imagine all the hair that has come off that little head on that stuck dandruff?

Stimey said...

I love the super sweaty napping that they do.

Casey said...

Oh I used to smell like a sour milk factory, yuck. The snuggling IS the best thing ever. Both of my kids are on anti-snuggle kicks lately, I miss it.

Keely said...

I can't believe you even remembered sex already. I think when Xander was 4 months old I went, "What's that thing? Oh! Right! SEX!"

Veronica said...

also typing one handed. man, breastmilk is so sticky. and i am permanently covered in it. soon i shall be like a fly/insect trap.

steenky bee said...

I love the smell of their poop. Love it.

abdpbt said...

Awww, the tired. But the snuggles must make up for that.

Anonymous said...

Excellent list. For me this would be the list of things I heard about but didn't really GET. I get it now.

Becky said...

Love it. I would add:

The tedium
The unabashed daytime TV-watching

Anonymous said...

So not looking forward to all the spit up. I'm sort of a germaphobe. But definitely looking forward to all the snuggling. Aaaahhh, yes. :)