Monday, February 9, 2009

It Can Only Get Better

I started this morning working on a post about how I'd made a Decision - last week I resolved to get out of my mommy funk.

Since Miles was born, okay since Oscar was born, I've been in a bit of a funk appearance-wise. I used to get up and put on nice clothes and fix my hair and do my make up and put on fabulous shoes and WEAR EARRINGS for crying out loud for work every day. And I looked nice and I liked it.

Well, life as a SAHM and a day mother doesn't really require nice clothes or fancy shoes. In fact, it kind of requires the opposite - machine washable clothes and comfortable shoes. There's nothing wrong with all that, but I just haven't felt like myself. I look in the mirror and see a poorly dress and even more poorly groomed woman who's barely got it together and that does not feel so great. And don't even get me started on the baby weight.

So, I bought some new clothes, got a hair cut and decided that from now on I'm going to put myself together in the mornings. I'm going to make an effort. Sure I won't be wearing expensive clothes or fancy shoes, but I can wear things that look nice and are unstained and I can cover the mammoth circles under my eyes. I started doing this on Friday and already I feel like a new person. I feel energized and refreshed. It's wonderful.

I stared out this morning with a new blouse and earrings and hidden eye circles and my fresh do feeling fabulous. I was more productive in the morning, I was more relaxed.

I was getting my crew ready to go out for the morning to walk my charge Nora to school a block away. It was going well. She, Oscar, and Miles were all suited up. I had just strapped Miles into the front carrier, facing me, when it happened.

The Spit Up of All Spit Ups.

About three or four ounces pour out of him silently, all over his suit, all over my blouse, and down into my cleavage, leaving a pool of hot, sour-smelling breast milk in my bra. I went from fabulous to funky in about half a second.

I wiped us both down, but in the interest of Nora not being late for school we dashed out wet and smelly. At least it hadn't soak through Miles' suit.

So, as I type this, I sit here with no earrings in an old maternity top, feeling defeated and though somewhat assured that the day can only get better.

And, welcome back, Danny! We missed you.


Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

I remember one day after my 3rd was born I had a doctors appointment and I was gonna get all nice looking so they wouldnt you know take the kids from me after seeing the appearance of their mom: ) and I get to the Ped's office and the nurse asks me if there is anything wrong with my eyes? I go into the bathroom and I had only managed to put mascara on one eye! : ) Yeah its still a struggle daily to look like the living.

Susanica said...

Well, even though you feel like you looked like a vomited upon SAHM, I was going to mention that your haircut looked really great and I know that in Danny's eye's you're beautiful no matter what you do or don't do to yourself. So there! Have a wonderful day with your 3 stooges okay? ;-)


Momma Bear said...

It's okay. Just keep working at it. Your expectation will eventually change in the sense that you won't look (or necessarily feel) as put together perhaps as you did before but you'll look nice nonetheless. Take advantage of wipes. They are a lifesaver for me especially when you are out and get drooled on or somone wipes their hands on your pants. Just hang in there and redefine what "put together" means for you now in your life now.

Momma Bear said...

oh and I want pics!! new Do..must show! :)

Becky said...

Good on ya for trying. I don't know if you ever read the, but she has this sacred rule about how every morning, you "get dressed down to your shoes." Even if you stay at home. It really helps, I think.

And oh, the spit-up down the cleavage. Memories! Not that I have much in the way of cleavage. Or any, unless I push my elbows together in front of my body. TMI?

Anonymous said...

That mummy funk is sure hard to break. I know many who have, but 3 years after the birth of my first I'm still schlepping around in elastic waisted bottoms and enormous tops to cover up what can only be described as a beer belly (I wish. As for earrings or make-up - I can only dream of reaching such lofty heights of beauty.

Sorry, that probably didn't help cheer you up at all.

blissfully caffeinated said...

I'm sorry, and I mean this with love, but you are crazy.

You just had that baby. Take a few months or a couple of years to schlep around in sweats with your hair unwashed. If for no other reason than to make me feel OK about schlepping around in sweats since Avery was born 3 years ago.


montana said...

you already took Danny back? You are SO brave! Good luck with 3! Hoping to see you soon.


Kat said...

Spit Happens.

Krystal said...

I am not going to say anything because I go to work and I barely make it out without a stain or if I am lucky, ironed clothes!!!

I do litle tings here and there to clean myself up a bit but I know that it is part of being a mom. Those moms that look perfect and all put together usually have some help and me, I'd rather be the one cleaing up the spit or poopy diaper for my kids.

You'll get out of the rut, trust me. It just takes time. (If not, what do you say you, me and Steenky Bee nomiate eachother for What Not To Wear - the blogging special edition!)


Anonymous said...

Oh smelling like puke is never a good thing! Nice try though!

Veronica said...

I don't get spit up on that often (Isaac is good like that) but I seem to have permanently leaking breasts. Which is fine, no really, but the fact that breast pads give me thrush? Slightly less than fine.

You can be assured that if I am not leaving the house, I am not wearing breast pads and therefore am soggy.

periperijane said...

Hey, have you tried Bare Minerals. It's so fast and I think that and a quick layer of lip gloss makes you look fabulous. It's my favorite mom trick.

Thank goodness the spit up phase doesn't last forever... we're out of town this weekend but I think Im around monday. Email me!!

River said...

Try again in a few months when Miles is no longer in spit up age. Until then just be comfy mummy.

Casey said...

Oh no, I'm sorry it puke-rained on your parade. I've given into the looking like crap phenomenon, at least until the kids are a bit older and stop wiping their food and snot on me.

Glad to see that Danny's back, the crew is back together!

Anonymous said...

I hear you. I feel better with a little under eye cover up and I must shower. And the Spit Up of All Spit Ups? I'm so sorry. Miles must have suspected that it was a top with no spit up stains on it and needed to rectify the situation. And hey, lets see the hair!