Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Knights

One thing Nelson and I have learned in our roughly two months as the parents of two kids under two is that it's important to know when to stick together and when to divide and conquer. Do we all go to Target together, or do Nelson and Oscar go and leave me home with Miles to get some laundry done? Is it a family trip to the grocery store or do I take Miles and have Nelson stay home with Oscar so the toddler can get his nap?

Last weekend, when we discovered Miles' abscess, we decided that rather than haul two kids to the Emergency Room, I'd take Miles and Nelson would stay home with Oscar. My cell phone was low on battery so I told Nelson I'd only call him if it was something serious.

Obviously, when we were told to head to Children's Hospital, I called Nelson. "It's an abscess and we have to go to Children's. I'll call after we see the doctor," I told him. "I'll come, we'll meet you there," he said. But I told him, no, to stay home with Oscar.

It took Miles and I around 45 minutes to get to Children's, thanks to my nerves and my wonky GPS. I was getting increasingly nervous. What was wrong with my baby? Where the hell was the hospital? And once I found the hospital, where the heck was parking? Why was this the worst parking garage ever? Why were there no spaces? My baby is crying! My baby is sick! AHHHHH!

So, I parked in a spot reserved for valet and went in. We got through registration pretty quickly, then sat and waited for triage. I nursed Miles and looked around the waiting room. A huge waiting room filled with sick kids and crying babies and stressed parents. I still had no idea what was wrong with Miles.

We got into triage after about 20 minutes and then went back out into the waiting room and nursed him some more. I was starving and dying of thirst - I'd been at a hospital or trying to get to one for nearly four hours, and breast feeding dehydrates the crap out of you. I was so worried about my baby. I just kept my eyes on him so I didn't have to see any of the other sick children and willed him to be well.

For some reason, I looked up, toward the door and saw a lovely sight. My boys, Nelson and Oscar, came strolling into the ER, all smiles. "Mom!" Oscar called. He brought snacks and drinks and a healthy dose of love and support.

"It was all Oscar's idea. He didn't like the idea of you two waiting here alone," Nelson said.

"Oh, really?"

"No, it was actually my idea. We left right after you called. I couldn't let you sit here alone. I knew you needed me," Nelson said.

Oh my god he was so right. I love my husband.


Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

What a smart man! I am so glad the little one is better! : )

Momma Bear said...

God I love it when men take the initiative. How freaking frightening! i'm so glad your babe is okay.
When Will was 2.5, it was thanksgiving and he was attacked by a relatives dog. it was unprovoked. The dog bit thought his lower eyelid and it was bleeding so much. We had to get him to Childrens hosp. and then wait etc. Awful, Awful. He then had to be sedated so they could sew his eyelid and face up (dog claw gouges). He had to have 10 stitches...awful.At one point I was outside the room waiting and i hear him cry out mommy! Heartbreaking, i just bawled.
I understand. take Care momma!
Divide and conquer sometimes good, sometimes not so good when you need support.

Anonymous said...

God bless your husband - what a star. Mine would have done as he was told and stayed home *sigh*.

Anonymous said...

That's the sweetest thing. He knows you.

Sprite's Keeper said...

So sweet! He earned his stripes that day.

blissfully caffeinated said...

Oh, that brought tears to my eyes. Good for your two boys that they knew what to do.

Veronica said...

He is a smart man :)

Keely said...

Aw! That is so sweet. Mine probably would have stayed home like I asked him, too, but that's my own fault for "over training" him ;)

Heather said...

Oh, he truly is your knight in shinning armor...and he brought treats...what a great guy!!!

Casey said...

That totally brought tears to my eyes. They're right, you shouldn't have to wait alone, it's scary enough to have a sick kid with support, doing it alone is terrifying. Yay for them!

Stimey said...

Thank god he showed up. Moral support is always a big help. We had the same thing when I had to take Quinn to Children's once. Except Alex dropped me off and went home. Oh, and he dropped me off at the wrong emergency room. A security guard had to drive me to the right hospital. Horrible.