Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Dilemma

Look at this face. Just look at it:

I mean, that is a killer smile. And the eyes, they twinkle. And people pay big bucks for noses that cute.

But lets look a little more closely. At his hair.

Here's the front/top. It's nice, right? Smooth and shiny and a nice blond. And, while it's not quite professional looking, it's pretty neat.

But, wait, what's that sticking out from behind his ear?

Hmm, he seems to have a bit of length back there. Maybe more than a bit. Okay, in all honesty it really seems like something is going on.

Lets have a look at the back of Oscar's head, full on.

If this ain't a party my friends, I don't know what is.

Oscar has a mullet. A mullet, my friends. A real, true-blue mullet of the toddler variety. And I don't know what to do about it.

Now I know several of you are screaming, "Cut that beastly aberration! Now! Do it!" but I just can't. I really can't bring myself to cut it. It's been long for several months now, but when it was warmer, the humidity curled his hair right up into these little ringlets and hence the mullet was disguised.

However, in these cool, dry months the mullet is rearing it's ugly head. It is here. It is not fabulous. But I can't seem to bring myself to do away with it, even after my pediatrician mentioned that it might be time for his first hair cut.

See, once I cut his hair and he has a big boy hair cut, he won't look like a baby anymore. And I'm not ready for that. He's not even two. On the other hand, he looks poorly groomed and I'm a better parent than that. I bathe him regularly, keep him in (mostly) clean clothing, trim his finger nails. I know as a parent I'm judged by other based on his appearance and I'd really hate for anyone to think I've actually cultivated this hairstyle on my child.

Nelson and I talk about Oscar's hair a lot. We've come to the decision that we will cut his hair once he turns two - four months from now. It really is getting unruly, and he's always got peanut butter or some other food product in it, which is pretty gross. We will say good-bye to the wispy ringlets of babyhood and let our toddler have a big boy hair cut.

Until then, the mullet stays. And if tell me you've ever seen a cuter mullet-ed person in your life, I'll call you a liar.


Cara said...

That is a pretty cute mullet :)
We're facing the same problem over here with Bear. She's rockin' a pretty long mullet & her bangs are starting to get in her eyes. Hubband hates bangs & doesn't want me to trim them-he thinks we should let them keep on growin'. We're in a standoff about what to do with her hair. I told him when he starts brushing it & fixing it every day, he can have a say in how to cut it.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

I am totally for not cutting the long baby boy curls yet! My two year old has long orange curls and everyone thinks hes a girl even when he has his brown coat on and truck shoes?! But I think Oscar looks adorable and I dont see a mullet at all! Well until you shave the sides and he starts singing Achey Breaky Heart...then you might wanna step in : )

Becky said...

Whoa, your pediatrician mentioned getting him a haircut?!? I'd be like, "Maybe it's about time for you to kiss my butt."

And yes, when we got Hank his first haircut, he went from looking like a baby to looking like the Junior Senator from Georgia. Still cute though!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I can just picture him driving a pick-up...

Susanica said...

Are you saying little Dan doesn't look like a baby any more? I think I beg to differ ;-) -Dan's Mommy

P.S. Oscar is adorable at all time with all hair styles!

Casey said...

Aww, that is a cute mullet-wearing kid. We have the same problem, when it's not humid, Graham's hair looks terrible but when it is, he's got the perfect curls. Shirley Temple should be so lucky.

Keely said...

Awww! His hair is super cute. Xander had the same problem. If I thought he'd keep barrettes or a headband on I'd do that, but no such luck. We had to get it cut (for a 2nd time just recently, too) lest he start running into things.

Kate said...

Aw. Your kids really are an advertisement for parenthood, aren't they? They need to cut that out right now!

PRM said...

Rick says cut it now, I say he stays a baby until 2.

Cameron said...

Cut it, cut it. He's a boy, don't make him live with girl hair....our boy has had 3 or 4 hair cuts so far, he looks like a cute little man.

Kat said...

LaLa had a mullet until she was 3. I swear that child's hair would not grow on top to save her life! I say cut it. Just cause I like little boys with little boy hair cuts.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me that I saw one of the best mullets I have ever witnessed. SHE was in the ladies room at my hotel in Hawaii, and she had a BUZZ cut on top, then it fell to her gigantic waist. It was awesome.

And I love Oscar's hair. I love how toddlers can pull off ANY hairstyle and make it work!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could wet his hair down every morning and then stand him by something hot - that might make it all curl again.