Monday, April 13, 2009

For Maddie

I'm going purple for Maddie. I know I promised a mom post today, but I am absolutely beside myself with Maddie's passing and I hope blogging about it will help. I had no idea I could be so bereaved for a child I never even met.

I was an avid reader of Mike's blog The Newborn Identity, so I know how much he and his wife worshiped their little girl. She could not have come into a better family and been more loved during her short life. I can not even begin to imagine what Mike and Heather are going through. She made it through so much to have to go so suddenly. The world is a brighter place for her having been a part of it, however briefly. My heart and thoughts have been and continue to be with the Spohrs and they try and cope with this staggering loss.

Hug your babies extra tight tonight. Please, help the Spohrs if you can.